What will we do after we adopt a puppy? Due to its cuteness our natural tendency is to shower it with abundant care and love. Unfortunately, we need to get back to our daily routine and simply just cannot play with the puppy so much. Even we need to let it alone in home while we are away. In some cases, it is found that our furry companion will cry when they are left alone.

Check these tips to train your puppy when you need to leave it alone.

  1. Please do keep in mind that training is a key to get your puppy calm. The first training step is to put it in alone times as many times as possible. You may put it in a kennel to make it used to the situation.
  2. Then go away and come back to your dog repeatedly. For the first time you may just leave them for a short time (several seconds), then make it longer and longer. This treatment will make your puppy learn that people are coming and going. You may put its chew to in the kennel to lessen its stress while you are away.
  3. When going and coming back do make sure that you did it in ‘unnoticeable’ mode. We need to make the puppy does not notice both our presence and our absence.
  4. When you are away, and the puppy is crying, only come back to him when he is calm already. Just like baby, puppy cries to ask attention. When you come back when he is till crying, he will learn that crying will invite people. Otherwise, when you come back to him while he is calm already, he will learn how to be calm that leads people’s attention.
  5. Simply just repeat this treatment again and again. The more you do this exercise with our puppy, the quicker our puppy being calm.
  6. There might be a situation in which we need to leave our puppy alone all day long. If you ever trained our puppy in such way, this situation will not be a big concern anymore. If you are not starting the exercise yet, you may start it immediately.

One thing you need to understand is every training effort takes time. The earlier you start the exercise, the sooner you get the result. The result also depends on the frequency that you do the exercise.