You might think that your cute little Yorkie is simply playing but biting is one of the first behaviors that puppies use to assert dominance in their pack. It may be fun rolling around on the floor can wrestling but you need to learn how to stop a puppy from biting at an early age.

Usually a puppy will learn not to bite while they are still with their mother in the litter. Should they bit another sibling or their mother they can be assured of a quick nip in return and this generally stops the biting behavior. If your puppy is older than 8 weeks and is still biting then some form of obedience training is required.

Stop Puppy Biting Tips

If your puppy was taken home early or it has not learned not to bite hands or fingers then you need to start with the basics and change their bad behavior.

It’s important never to shout, smack or hit your puppy after getting bitten; this can cause your puppy to become afraid of you. Aggression or anxiety issues later in a dog’s life are often caused by treatment early in life.

A common cause is rough playing that can reinforce puppy biting behaviors. While teaching your puppy to stop biting you should avoid any physical wrestling or tug of war games that can lead to nipping, growling and biting.

As usual while trying to train a dog it’s vitally important that you are consistent in your training, praise and punishments otherwise you will have a very confused Yorkshire terrier.

Methods for Stopping Puppies Biting

If you have joined a dog obedience training class then they will frequently have trainers who can help with socialization and deal with biting issues. By copying what a mother dog would normally do when a puppy bites an experienced trainer can usually stop puppy biting very quickly.

The first stage of training is to try to replace and distract your Yorkie from biting. When they start trying to bite you quickly say “NO!” is a firm clear voice then hand your puppy a chew toy or edible chew. This should quickly teach them that biting fingers, hands or anything attached to their owner is bad but toys and chews are acceptable.

Generally a Yorkie puppy does not want to cause pain or hurt anyone when they bite, so if you are wondering how to stop a puppy from biting without punishments and without chew toys then this is a good method. While you are playing, should your puppy bite you, make a small, sharp hurt noise just like the yelp or whine a dog might make when it’s in pain. You are replicating exactly what another puppy in the litter would do and the puppy will understand that biting hurts.

How to Stop a Yorkie from Biting

How to Stop a Yorkie from Biting

Some puppies will never have this problem but others can cause many problems due to their biting. Learning how to stop a puppy from biting is something that an owner needs to take seriously because in later life it can lead to serious consequences.