Boston terrier puppies makes fabulous pets, and are particularly suitable for families with kids and plenty of time, as these dogs love attention and like to be showered with love by their family. However, when selecting your Boston terrier puppy it pays to learn more about what to look for – and to know what to avoid. Boston terrier puppies can bring a lot of fun and entertainment into your life, but ending up with a Boston terrier puppy that turns out to be sickly can create heartbreak for the whole family not to mention being draining on the finances.

Firstly, always go to a reputable breeder of Boston terriers to get your Boston terrier puppy. You are far more likely to end up with a sickly puppy if you go through a puppy mill, which are largely disreputable. You can go through a rescue center, but you are more likely to get an older dog rather than boston terrier puppies through a center.

When you initially see the litter of Boston terrier puppies, take a look at how they react both with you and with one another. If you see a puppy that refuses to interact with both its siblings or with you, this could indicate a sickly pup and therefore that particular Boston terrier puppy is probably best avoided. It may be that the puppy is simply tired at the time that you visit, but it’s better not to take any chances.

You should always examine these puppies – or any other breed of puppy – before you make any commitment. Some of the things to check for in a potential Boston terrier puppy include:

  • Checking that he has a clean coat
  • Checking that his nose is moist
  • Checking that there is no discharge from his ears, eyes or nose
  • Checking that there is no sign of diarrhoea around the anal area
  • Checking that there is no bad odour from his mouth
  • Checking that his eyes are not red or overly dull

Checking the puppies for the above signs will help you to determine the status of their health. This means that you can make a more informed choice when getting your Boston terrier puppy. Of course his interaction can also reflect his health to some degree, as a sickly pup is less likely to interact or get excitable than a healthy one.

The Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier

Boston terrier puppies that are sickly will usually refuse to interact with the rest of the litter, so look out for signs of total disinterest. A Boston terrier puppy should be alert and curious, and most healthy puppies will be eager to meet and greet you as well as to play with the rest of the litter. You may also want to check the pup’s family history to see whether there is any history of illness and to check on his parentage. In fact, most breeders will be happy to introduce you to the parents of the pup, enabling you to get a better idea of the pup’s future temperament and appearance.