Golden Retrievers are a unique and amazing breed. They can be one of the most adorable, versatile and loving canine creatures you will ever come to know. They love attention and they also love to be fed. Normally, all Golden Retriever puppies will need their mother’s nurturing until the age of seven weeks. Once the Golden puppies reach three weeks, they can now be fed with soft food, usually soaked and mixed into a soft, warm compound. This mixture resembles the food that they get from their mother. This will also enable them to easily learn how their food tastes like and how it should be eaten.

Upon bringing your Golden puppy into his new home, always make sure that you give him the same type of food that he has become familiar with. The breeder usually begins training the puppy with food. Moreover, Golden Retriever puppies can have very sensitive stomachs and reactive to changes in their food.

Your Golden Retriever puppy may be uninterested to eat during the first few days of being in his new home. This is normal. When this happens, do not force your puppy to eat. He will also realize that he does not have competition because he is away from his litter. Eventually, he will come to the food bowl. Your Golden puppy will then eat food little by little. Then as he progresses, he can now be fed with dry food. You might want to add a little bit of warm water to it. Try adding more small amounts of water as he eats until he is done. This can help your Golden Retriever puppy eat the rest of his meal portions. As the puppy grows, he will eat more and more of his share. At this point, you do not have to add water to his food anymore.

Observe your puppy’s eating, sleeping and potty habits. Being familiar with his habits will make it easy for you to plan your puppy’s day to day feedings such as in the morning, midday and night time. Make sure that you stick to the feeding plan so that your Golden puppy will become used to it.

It is recommended that you feed your Golden puppy at least half an hour before you hit the sheets so that you can have enough time to take him outside after his meal. The right timing for feeding your puppy, taking him out to potty and preparing him to sleep is important so that you can also have enough time to get ready for bed as well. If you decide to let your dog sleep with you, make sure that you lay out newspapers or pads in a spot where your puppy is familiar so he can potty by himself or you can let your dog sleep outside. Just be sure that he is warm and comfortable.

Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

Remember that when feeding your Golden Retriever puppies, do not try to rush or force him into adapting to your feeding plan right away or immediately change feeding ways that he has become familiar with. It may take some time for Golden Retrievers to learn proper eating habits so you need to be more patient. Moreover, you also have to make sure that what you are feeding him is clean and nutritious. If you properly stick to your feeding plan, you can expect that your puppy will eat his way and grow up to be a healthy and happy dog. And you, too, can be one happy dog owner.