A puppy packet can be a great source of information for a new puppy owner. Making a puppy packet can be easily done with the correct information.

When a puppy finds a new forever home, it is essential that the new owner has all of the important information regarding the care and training of the new puppy. As a breeder, you can make up your own puppy packet to pass along to all of the new puppy owners that you do business with.

Things You Will Need for a Puppy Packet

  • Paper
  • Chew Toys
  • Computer
  • Puppy Health Record
  • Registration Papers

Puppy Training Information

Give the new puppy owner information on training his new puppy. Puppies can be very active and new owners may be at a loss as to how to train them properly. You can provide the new owner with information regarding various training methods that can be used on the puppy. You can also suggest a few websites or books that the new owner may want to find in order to gather more information on the training method they choose to use.

Puppy Training Information

Puppy Training Information

Feeding Information in a Puppy Packet

Provide feeding information. You can educate the new puppy owner on different food brands and puppy food versus adult food. You may want to include the type of food the puppy is used to eating and how often, or give the owner information on how to properly introduce a new brand of dog food to the puppy without giving him stomach problems.

Veterinarian List

Gather a list of the veterinarian’s in the area. Provide the puppy’s current health record, along with a list of reputable veterinarians in the local area. If the puppy is in need of more shots, you should include this in the information and let the owner know when they should make that first appointment with the veterinarian.

Dog Breed Information

Introduce the puppy owner to the dog breed. In case the new owner has never had a dog of this breed, you can gather information about the breed such as how big the puppy will get, any health problems the breed may encounter, and basic standards of the breed. You should also include any registration papers such as A.K.C. papers with the proper information filled in from you so that the new owner has all of the puppy’s breed information on hand.

Dog Breed Information

Dog Breed Information

Shopping List for a New Puppy

Provide a shopping list. If this is a first-time puppy owner, they may not be sure what types of things they will need for the puppy. Provide a list of everything that will be needed for the puppy including food bowls, collars, leashes, puppy pads, and cleaning supplies.


  • Some breeders may include a chew toy or treats to go home with the puppy.
  • You may staple the papers together, or provide them loosely in a folder or bag.
  • Include your own contact information, even email, and let the new owner know that you are willing to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

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