For a clean house, it is important to keep your dog off the furniture.

So you have guests coming over, dinner is set, drinks are made, and low and behold, your pet dog, the little shedding machine, is sitting all over your couch, spreading his loving hair everywhere, to make sure your guests take a piece of him when they leave. This is a tough habit to break because no matter how much you fuss at them while you are home, scolding isn’t an option when you are away. This is actually where most of the training takes place for breaking your dog’s habit of sprawling out on the furniture.

Dog Proof Your Furniture with Tin Foil

Dogs, like you, sit on the furniture because it is far more comfortable than the ground. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this fact.

If you make the couch uncomfortable and unpleasant to sit on, your dog is going to stay away. Before you leave the house, cover the furniture with tin foil. Your dog is not going to like the feeling of the cold, hard meal that crumples when he sits in it. This doesn’t feel good on his paws and it isn’t as soft as the carpet. You can even reuse the tin foil each time you leave, so you aren’t going through boxes of foil every week.

Provide a Doggy Seat

Set a doggy bed near the couches. The dog wants to be part of your group, so if he has his own, special cushion or chair, he will be less likely to hop up onto the couch. These seats are inexpensive and available at any pet store. With the seat in place, you should see an immediate reduction in your dog’s attempts to jump on the couch. At least while your at home. While away, make sure to still use the tin foil.

Dog Alarm

If the tin foil fails to work, you need to take it to the next step. With a furniture dog alarm, your pet is quickly going to learn that sitting on the furniture is wrong. A furniture alarm is able to feel pressure change when an animal sits on the furniture and sounds a loud, shrieking noise, which the dog does not like, causing them to jump down. When the pressure returns to normal, the alarm stops. After a few attempts onto the furniture, your pet is going to discover exactly what causes the unappealing sound, and completely stop hopping up on your favorite seat.

Dog Off Furniture

Dog Off Furniture