There are different varieties in dachshund breed type. Each breed type has to be groomed according to their hairs. Dachshund grooming needs special care and attention. Some varieties of dachshund are long haired while some are short haired. The long haired dachshund need more grooming as it is used to shed too often than the short haired dachshund.

There is also a variety called wired dachshund which needs regular grooming. Bristled brush grooming is suggested for wired variety to stop the formation of tangles on the coat. The smooth variety of this dachshund type needs only regular claw trimming. As only few things adhere to the coat of small hair variety it requires only least grooming. As wire haired needs more brushing the short fleecy brush with bristles can be used to groom it. This brush helps in removing the dead and loose hairs of the breed mainly after fall molting and annual spring.

For longhaired dachshund grooming and combing has to be done regularly. Mats which grow in longer hair areas have to be removed by hand. The mat ball has to be cut off in some extreme cases. Daily soft bristle brushing of the hair helps in reducing the tangles. Before brushing the coat should be combed gently to remove the dead hair and tangles.

If the coat of the breed is too long it can be trimmed very carefully from underside using straight scissors. It is very essential to put up a schedule for grooming this breed. If this grooming is not done then the breed will suffer from severe tangles and matt. Even if it is carefully brushed and bathed professional grooming is recommended atleast twice in a year.