Saying good-bye to your beloved canine companion is never easy but always worth the heartache.

Everyone at sometime has thought about the loss of their pet, whether it be from sickness, disease, accident or old age. How to deal with this is a struggle, in most instances we are going to outlive our dogs. They have a much shorter life span than we do. For most of us our dogs are our family our kids and to lose them would be heart wrenching.

Unconditional Love from our Pets

Some people say the reason they don’t have a dog is because it is too hard to bear when the pass on. I could not imagine coming home at the end of a long day and not being greeted with unconditional love from my babies.

A few quick kisses and all the bad stuff is forgotten. I don’t know of anything better for curing being in a bad mood, from being yelled at by your boss or for being lonely. Your dog is always there ready to cheer you up and give you love.

While losing a pet is hard, I know from experience. I have lost one to being hit by a car, one to old age and a young dog to health problems. Having to put a dog down is the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. My eyes are tearing up as I write this now. I would not trade these tough emotions for not having a dog in my life.

All of the good things and positive emotions far outweigh the hard times.

Coping with Your Dog's Death

How to Survive Losing a Pet

How to cope with the death of dog? Although it is extremely hard it is possible. The heart does heal. Having two dogs in the house helps because as one passes the other is still there to provide love and companionship and still needs you to take care of them so it keeps you busy.

If you don’t have two dogs then get another one. As hard as it is to lose the dog you love there is another puppy out that needs your love and you need theirs as well. Each dog is special in their own way.

The new dog is in no way replacing your old dog so don’t feel bad about getting a new dog. You are merely starting a new chapter and gaining a new friend.