Crate is nothing but like a box or small home that provides a shelter to the dog inside the home. This crate supply will be comfortable for many dogs. This crate helps in reducing the separation anxiety and also helps in preventing the destructive behavior of the dog.

As small puppies are new to this it is necessary to train them for this crate living. The crate training for dachshund is essential as these puppies are very playful in their behavior. The first step in training the puppy to the crate is allowing them to explore or treasure its crate.

The crate training for dachshund can be given by dropping small biscuits or kibble in the crate. This will give the puppy positive thought about the crate. The puppy can also be fed in the crate to give him the same effect. If the puppy shows some hesitation then it can be fed before the crate, then before the doorway of the crate, then at the back and finally inside the crate. The puppy should be rewarded with some biscuits when it enters the crate. Never pump, pull or push the puppy into the crate.

Only inductive methods are recommended at the initial stage of introduction to the crate. It is suggested to place the crate next to your bed during night time. The puppy can be trained to crate by asking its favorite biscuits and play toys inside it. It is advocated to crate the pup initially only for a short period of time when you are in home. Crate training to the puppy should be given very carefully as it might sometimes give the isolation feeling to the puppy.