There is no one exceptional in this world who doesn’t like puppies. There are different types of dogs available across the globe and depending on your interest you can choose the type of puppy. If you are an animal lover and want to have one as a pet make sure you know everything about the animal. If you are a dog lover and don’t want to have a dog which is a watch dog then the first option you should go for is dachshund. This is one family dog which every one would love to have at their place.

If you have dachshund make sure you take extra care because this is one dog which is very sensitive. Feeding your puppy is very important. Make sure you don’t over-feed your puppy. Before buying a dachshund puppy, be sure you read books on Dachshund Puppy Care. These dachshunds generally come in two different sizes. These dachshund puppies look for companionship from their master so make sure you don’t leave the puppy alone at home.

These dachshund puppies don’t have much hair and hence doesn’t need much of grooming but still grooming your dog is really advisable. As a puppy if you train these dachshunds it will be great dog because these dogs are clever. Even though these are small dogs they are brave in nature and can protect you from any danger. Make sure you allocate a separate place for your dachshund puppy and take him/her to a veterinarian for regular check up.