Discover the Truth Behind Dog Agility Training

Dog agility training is the ideal hobby to get into if you own an active dog. As well as being good for the dog it can also provide the owner with a sense of accomplishment when their dog does well. If you have a working dog breed then you have one of the most ideal dog that are well suited to dog training.

There are other reasons also for an owner to start taking their dog to agility training sessions. One of the main reasons is that they will socialize with other dog owners, it is a good way to meet new people and make some new friends. So it is good for both dog and owner!

Your dog will get to be around other dog which will help them to be good around other animals. It can be especially good if you have a dog breed that is known to get on with other dog very well. However, if the breed does not have this reputation than as long as you start it off early your dog should be able to socialize well with other dog, it is all a matter of training.

What Is Dog Agility Training?

The basis of dog agility training is basically an obstacle course such as jumps, tunnels, poles, see-saws etc, set out in order that you have to guide your dog around in the quickest time possible, these courses are designed to be quite difficult. This means that you have to have a good relationship with your dog so that you can guide your dog around the course from the beginning all the way until the finish.

The key to successfully achieve this is by good communication between you and your dog. Without good communication between you and your dog, plus the confidence that you will be able to guide your dog through the course will determine the success that you and your dog will have.

Your dog will need to understand your commands clearly for it to be able to complete the course properly. But this comes as a result of good dog obedience training. Because there are usually spectators that come to watch this exciting spectacle, your dog will have to be calm when there are noises coming from the audience, it will be no good if your dog gets spooked easily.

That is not to say that a nervous dog will never be able to do agility training, it just means that you will have to put more work into training your dog to successfully understand your commands. Equally important is to also train your dog not to be distracted by outside distractions. This is something that will take time and a lot of patience on the part of the dog owner.

Added Benefits of Dog Agility Training!

Agility training will be fun for you as well as fun for your dog, plus when your dog starts to get really good you will be able to enter into competitive dog agility events. At these events a judge will set out the course which will always be different and done so that it is challenging for the dog. Actually it is set out in a way so that there will always be some dog that will not be able to finish the course or will make to many mistakes.

The same can also be said of the dog owner too. The dog owner needs to know the layout of the course, which they are given the opportunity to walk around the course so that they can build up a strategy to successfully guide their dog from start to finish.

Is Dog Agility Competition Necessary?

Of course if you really do not want to enter your dog into these competitions to compete you can still just go to dog agility training club just for fun and to meet people that have the same interests as you. Your dog will still get the exercise and discipline that it needs, the more you exercise your dog the healthier and fitter it becomes. A healthier and fitter dog will be less susceptible to illness and disease.

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It will be a great chance for your dog to develop its own unique personality and stay healthy as well as get you out of the house and out in the fresh air. As you can see taking your beloved pet to dog agility training is a really positive thing for your dog and also for you!