For certain people, dogs should only be fed with meat, as after all wolves (our dogs’ ancestors) do in nature. In reality, exclusively meat cannot constitute a complete nutriment for the dog.

Furthermore, we do not have to forget that ten thousand years of domestication and life with human beings, have noticeably modified dogs’ diet: it is not a strict carnivore like wolves and cats.
It also needs nutrients included in legumes and cereals.

If you decide to prepare homemade dog food, there are few rules to follow in order to keep your dogs’ health impeccable. Always choose white meat or high quality red meat mixed with cooked vegetables (green beans, carrots…), which bring fibers, minerals and vitamins, and do not forget cereals (rice, corn…). This latter must be very well cooked; otherwise our dog will not be able to digest the starch they contain.

Meat of course does not constitute the only source for preparing high-protein dog food. Other important sources of protein are fish and eggs, for example.

The best diet for dogs, integrated with the right nutriments has a multitude of advantages, such as improving the immune system and combating certain diseases.

Non-Cancerous Tumors in Dogs

If we then consider most of the dog foods found in the market, either generic or branded, they cannot be recognized as the best food for our pets. Many times, these pre-packaged dog foods contain very low quality and cheap ingredients. A good practice for evaluating whether a specific dog food can be considered appropriate, is that of inspecting their ingredients list. Overall, it is better to avoid food with generic meat ingredients such as “meat and bone meal” or “meat by-product.”If you really want to buy pre-packaged dog food, then choose brands that list the animal they use as the main ingredient (beef, chicken, turkey, etc.).