Feeding your dog healthy high-fiber dog food benefits both of you. Diets rich in fiber eliminate some conditions and illnesses all on their own. Overweight animals like dogs also benefit from food which contains a lot of fiber. As with humans, fiber makes the animal feel fuller, although with fewer calories like diets rich in vegetables and fruit.

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The Importance of High Fiber Diet for Dogs

Canines which are diabetic really benefit from a high fiber diet for dogs. Such food is slower to digest and again, the dog will feel fuller for a much longer time. Quality carbohydrates should also be used and along with the many other benefits of high-fiber, is the fact that dogs won’t be constipated (unless there’s a medical reason). Foods rich in fiber provide stimulation for the digestive tract and as it absorbs moisture.

Some dogs have anal gland problems. This condition commonly affects smaller rather than larger dogs. These glands are designed to help your dog process food through their digestive tract. Dogs can become uncomfortable if their glands aren’t functioning properly, and a natural and dog food high in fiber will take care of that problem with ease and naturally.

Organic dog food will often provide high-quality fiber dog food in a dog’s diet. Dog food high in fiber should be organic because some commercially prepared dog foods actually contain nonfood items. You’d be surprised at what you can find in some of them.

To increase the fiber content sometimes the use of supplements is increased. Some great ways to supplement your dog’s diet with more fiber, include adding more apples, brown rice, beets, and even oat bran. Green beans are great and dogs love them. They aren’t filled with calories and it’s easy to keep a bag of frozen green beans in your freezer. Of course, make sure they’re at room temperature or warmed up, before giving them to your pet.

Animal lovers these days are beginning to make their own pet food, and there are loads of recipes which can be found on the Internet. Homemade dog food can increase the health and energy of your dog and you may even notice a difference in the way your dog behaves, in just a few days. Making or buying higher-fiber dog food will benefit your dog in many different ways.

A High Fiber Dog Food Diet Prevent Several Illnesses

An overweight dog, by changing to a high fiber dog food diet can help reduce weight by making your animal feel full for a longer period. High fiber diets are slow to digest thus the feeling of fullness.

Constipation problems? A high fiber dog food, diet will help as well as these foods will stimulate the intestines more than low-quality carbs which helps clear up constipation in your pet. Fiber is great at taking up moisture and thereby creates bulk. This assists in the digestion process.

You may well see signs of problems with your dog’s anal glands. Smaller breeds are much more susceptible to this than large dogs. Their small anal glands are next to their anus and their job is to secret the moisture necessary to aid your dog’s digestion. If they become infected, abscessed or impacted, your dog will become quite uncomfortable. If you bulk up your dog’s diet with fiber, it will increase the bulk of their feces and this is often enough to unclog their anal glands.

The availability of organic dog food that is a great option for a high fiber dog food diet. Organic being the main keyword in this.

If you want to give your dog the best of the best then prepare their food yourself, you can find all of the information you need on the internet. You can find all kinds of recipes and diet plans that can improve your dog’s health and energy. Your dog’s general health and demeanor make it worthwhile.

A High Fiber Dog Food Diet Prevent Several Illnesses

A High Fiber Dog Food Diet Prevent Several Illnesses (source: pixabay.com)

The Benefits of High Fiber Dog Foods

The health and nutritional benefits of high fiber dog foods in your dog’s diet are numerous. There are several illnesses that are better controlled when on a high fiber diet.

For starters, if a dog is overweight, switching over to a high fiber dog foods could help to reduce weight. This is done because foods high in fiber make your dog feel full for a longer time period. High fiber diets are generally slower to digest, thus helping your diabetic dog feel full. By using only select, quality carbs, your dog will be a much happier and energetic pet.

If constipation is a problem for your dog then a high fiber dog food will help. High fiber dog food stimulates the intestines much more than lower quality carbs and helps clear up constipation your dog is experiencing. Fiber is great at absorbing moisture thereby creating bulk. This process assists in normalizing the digestive process.

Your dog dragging his rear across the floor or yard is not a new trick. It could be a sign of problems with their anal glands. Smaller breeds are even more susceptible to this condition than larger dogs. The dog’s small anal glands are located next to the anus. The anal gland’s job is to secret the moisture necessary to aid in your dog’s ability to release excrement properly. However, when they become infected, abscessed or impacted, a dog becomes quite uncomfortable. By bulking up your dog’s diet, it will help increase the majority of its feces and more often than not, this will be enough to unclog or free up their glands.

Organic dog food is often the best choice for a high fiber dog food. If it’s not organic, then there are some possible non-food items that could have been added to it, especially in commercially prepared varieties of dog food.

Top 5 High Fiber Dog Food Brands

Foods like apples, beets, oat bran, and brown rice, can supplement to increase the bulk of your dog’s diet and are superior forms of fiber. Green beans likewise create bulk and help keep your dog from being hungry for a long period of time. They’re very low in calories too as well as, helping your dog to lose weight.

There are many premium high fiber dog food brands. These include, but are not limited to Castor & Pollux Organix, Fromm, California Natural, Eagle Pack and Precise just to name a few. I’m sure though that with the ever-increasing popularity of premium and organic dog food you could probably add the high fiber dog food brand list from Amazon.

If you choose to give your dog only the very best and prepare their diet plan yourself, the internet should provide with all of the necessary information. There are recipes and diets out that list even more high fiber foods for dogs than you could shake a stick at. These can not only improve your dog’s health but likewise enhance their energy levels and longevity. It’s quite remarkable when you begin to see the difference in your dog’s demeanor and overall health and makes the little extra effort all the more worth it.

Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Food

[caption id="attachment_5147" align="aligncenter" width="242"]Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food[/caption]

Making sure our dogs are eating healthy not only requires watching how they eat but what they eat as well. Healthy diets that contain artificial dyes, coloring and preservatives could still leave their immune systems exposed to harmful toxins and their bodies full of contaminants. We have the ability to monitor what goes into our dog’s bodies and our pets truly rely on us to ensure they enjoy a healthy diet too. Organix dog food gives dog owners who are aware of what their dog eat and an all-natural alternative to the mass-produced brands of pet food commonly found in the pet food aisles is always preferred. So does Organix dog food stack up when compared to other all-natural brands on the market today? We’ll have a look at some of the vital information you need to know about Organix dog food to make that judgment for yourself.

Who Exactly Makes Organix Dog Food?

Organix dog food is made by the Castor and Pollux Natural PetWorks and sticks to the company’s belief that each and every pet deserves the highest quality and healthiest food available. Founded in 2000 by Shelley Gunton and her husband Brian Connolly, they started Castor and Pollux Organix dog food because they had realized that there was a void that existed in the pet food market for all-natural, organic pet food. From that time, Castor and Pollux dog food have put together a team of experts in animal nutrition, organic and natural ingredients and veterinarian medicine so that their products meet the highest standards of quality. Organix came on the market in March 2003 and is certified as a producer of organic dog food.

Here are some facts on Castor and Pollux Organix Dog Food

  • Castor and Pollux have a 100% Unconditional Guarantee, that’s how sure they are of the quality of their product.
  • Made with organic chicken, brown rice & flax.
  • No Corn, No Wheat, No Meat by-products are used.
  • Read the label of any of this highly recommended Organix dog food and you’ll find simple, readable ingredients in plain English, that are good for your dog, and even edible for us humans. *Most pet foods don’t have such a transparent ingredient list.*

Has Organix Dog Food Ever Been Recalled?

Apart of any FDA mandated recalls Organix has not been recalled (October 12, 2011). The FDA regularly updates their list of recalled pet food, and consumers should regularly check the list to be sure their dog’s food stays safe

Organix Dog Food Active Ingredients

Organix includes a high-quality chicken meal, produced from free-range USDA-inspected chickens. This protein source ranks as the number one ingredient in each formula of Organix Dog Food, this is followed by a rich mixture of fruits, vegetables as well as carbohydrates. The formula for Organix Adult Dog, for instance, lists organic chicken, chicken meal, organic brown rice, organic peas and organic millet in the first five components. Organix includes a minimum of 26 percent crude protein, 14 percent crude fat, and 4.5 percent crude fiber guaranteed in each bag of their Organix Adult Dog Food products.

Allergies to Organix

If your dog has a protein-based or fish related allergy, you should carefully review all of the ingredients in any Dog Food product. Consult your veterinarian if you have questions about any of the ingredients in Organix dog food and what, if any, potentially affect they may have on your pet.

Castor and Pollux Organix Dog Food Reviews

After reading some reviews on Castor and Pollux Organix Dog Food I’ve found some other interesting experiences with this premium dog food. Even though Castor & Pollux is a more expensive dog food, you may decide that it may be worth a try, especially if your dog looks undernourished and on the thin side. Some reviewers have noted amazing results in muscle and weight gains of their pets. Many are happy that they have switched because their dogs actually love the food, their coats are healthier, they have much more energy, and, best of all, gas issues are no longer a chronic problem.

Castor and Pollux Organix For Picky Eaters

Dogs, sometimes being the picky eaters that they are, will absolutely love this food. Have you ever experienced this: In the past when you may have gotten new bags of dog food, your dogs may initially love the food, however, after a few days, the food ends up just sitting in their bowls until they realize that they aren’t getting anything else. This is simply not the case with this dog food. Each time you feed them, the food will be quickly eaten.

Organix Dog Food Coupons

Having a pet is one of the most exciting and pleasurable experiences we can have. Us dog lover love to have the most attractive pets around and treat them as our best friends.

Unfortunately many among us are afraid of the high costs that keeping our dogs well nourished and healthy. However, today you can cut some of those food bills for your dog and save quite a bit over a year’s time while still giving your dog high-quality Organix dog food.

The Internet has proven quite useful for this at a site like Amazon. There you can find many coupons in their shopping and coupon section. They have coupons for everything including sometimes Organix dog food coupons, from which you can get additional discounts on your favorite Castor and Pollux Organix Dog Food. However, Organix dog food coupons aren’t always available. Even though this may be the case, you can still save money on your favorite Organix dog food brand even more so than driving around trying to find it on your own. Buying it from Amazon you’ll be able to take advantage of the enormous discounts this online retailer has and you may even be able to get free delivery! In the long run, you’ll save much more when buying in bulk and order it online. Saving not only time and money, but you back will be relieved by not having to lug those heavy sacks of Organix dog food around, when you have delivered to your doorstep. All with the click of a mouse!

So there you have it. No more excuses in depriving your favorite pet the premium nutrition they deserve. After reading some more Castor and Pollux Organix Dog Food reviews and shopping online with Organix dog food coupons or without, you’ll still be able to save time, money and giving your dog only the best nutrition for a happy and healthy life!