Yorkshire Terriers are striking dogs, made doubly adorable when they have good grooming. Many owners prefer to have their dogs professionally clipped, but there are several grooming tasks that a dog owner should perform daily or weekly. While no two dogs can be groomed exactly the same, armed with these grooming tips for your Yorkshire Terrier, you will be able to maintain your Yorkie’s cuddly appearance between trips to the groomer.

No grooming tips for your Yorkshire Terrier would be complete without emphasizing the importance of daily brushing. Never brush your dog’s hair without misting it first. The hair of a Yorkshire Terrier is brittle and will break if it is brushed dry. Brush from the ends of the hair, moving toward the body. Gently pull apart any mats you find along the way — never attempt to brush them out or you risk hurting your dog and damaging their coat.

When brushing, check under the dog’s legs for mats. Severe mats can develop in these locations in no time. Mats can be scissored out, but it is best to regularly brush these areas in order to prevent mat formation.

Yorkie puppies (and some adults) also benefit from having their ear hair trimmed. Using a small battery-powered trimmer, clip the hair on the outside top quarter of the ear into an upside down v-shape. If the dog has thicker ear hair, you can clip as much as half of the hair with little visual effect. While the trimmer is out, make sure to trim the dog’s feet and pads.