Pet’s health is the main point of having pets.  One thing to consider is about giving the right food for the loved ones. Recently, grain free dog is becoming more popular than the other type of pet food. Some veterinarians often suggest this to dog owner especially when the dog has specific problem in relation with poor nutrition.

Grain free dog food is also recommended for pregnant or lactating dogs to make sure that the mother and her puppies are staying in a perfect condition.

Grain free dog food is not popular yet. The popular brand of dog food usually contain big amount of cereal grain. This does not mean that dog needs a pound of flour. It is simply because flour is much cheaper than meat. So, when we feed our dogs with that pet food, our dogs will eat food which bulked out with grain that synthetically flavored to taste like beef or chicken. Giving grain free dog food has a natural chemistry to dog’s digestive systems. Not to mention it has higher amounts of nutrients that is needed by dog. This type of feeding has many benefits for both the owner and the furry companion. In this diet, dogs can eat smaller portion that means they also less often to defecate. Having the food that has natural chemistry with the dog’s digestive systems can increase the health for your dog and avoid them from diseases related to aging. Obese dogs who get this treatment will respond it by losing some weight.

Naturally, dogs are carnivores though some of them already evolved as carnivores and scavengers. They get their nutrients from meat or bone. Their digestive systems are not well adapted to wheat, corn, or rice. When they are fed with high carbohydrate food there might be negative reaction from their body such as allergies, skin problem, infection and some digestive problem (vomit and bloat). Switching to raw meals for your pet is not an easy matter, if you usually feed your dog with dog food that can easily serve and store (just put them in the bag and pour them) it will take some space of your freezer to keep raw meat for your dogs. It also takes longer time to serve it since you need to thaw it first. If your dog is familiar with popular dog food before it is suggested to make a gradual change of food. Sudden change will cause a digestive shock.