If you are in the process of training your pitbull, treats can make an awesome addition to helping your pitbull learn in a speedy and simple way. Gourmet dog treats also make for a special way to make your dog happy or for an impactful way of saying “good job.” So if you’re looking for the best gourmet treats for your dog, make sure it’s of high quality. You don’t want to feed your pitbull just anything. Surely your dog has the best meals so make sure treats and snacks are hearty and nutritious as well.

Do’s and Don’ts of gourmet dog treats


  • Don’t buy any treats with added chemical ingredients.
  • Don’t buy any treats with preservatives or added sugars.
  • Don’t choose anything that you wouldn’t want your dog eating in large amounts.
  • Don’t buy anything too crumbly or messy.


  • Do buy treats with all-natural ingredients; ingredients you know are safe and healthful.
  • Do buy smaller-sized treats that your dog can gobble up quickly.
  • Do buy low-calorie treats that will actually taste good.

If you’re using the treats for training, small, bite-sized treats are best because it should be enjoyed immediately in order for the dog to understand the reward from its actions. It should also be something that is healthful in larger quantities because you will be using them quite frequently.

Best Dog Food For Pitbull

If you want gourmet dog treats that are special moments for your pitbull, larger and more delicious treats are okay but make sure they contain natural ingredients and are still super nutritious and good for your dog. Dog treats are great for many reasons and any dog loves having a special treat; something different from the everyday meal. If you can’t find quality treats at your local store, you can definitely make some treats at home. Your dog may not know it’s home-made but you know that you are giving your dog the best love and attention it deserves. It’s as easy as making homemade cookies. Just keep in mind that dogs can’t eat all the same things that people can, like chocolate (of course), raisins, and grapes. A homemade gourmet dog treat will usually include natural, vet-approved ingredients like oats, banana, and peanut butter (they love that). There are plenty of tasty things to add in that your dog will love! Make tiny round cookies as treats or go out and buy a bone-shaped cookie cutter for extra special treats.

Gourmet dog treats recipes

Check out this peanut butter dog treat. All you need is a banana, rolled oats, parsley, peanut butter and an egg. The parsley makes for fresh breath!

Check out this Simple Gallus Healthy Dog Treats. Easy to prepare, and it will require very simple and genuine ingredients.

Another option is to purchase large dog treats and break them up into little pieces. This is especially helpful while training your pitbull puppy or whatever breed you are training. Get your clicker, a bag of gourmet dog treats, and get training.