Golden Retrievers love food. Their food appetite is not just limited to dog food alone as they also have a craving for human food. As a matter of fact, there are certain kinds of human food that do not just taste good for them but are also actually good for their health. Although there are Golden owners that prefer feeding their pets with dog food alone, there are also others who often what kind of human food they should give their Golden or which their dog will love.

Feed your Golden Retriever with foods such as brown rice, chicken, fruits, oatmeal, raw vegetables and turkey. Your dog will love and get nutritional benefits from these. These foods may generally be considered as human food, but they are also good for other animals too.

Ever notice your Golden Retriever run to the refrigerator whenever you open it? He may be trying to tell you something – that he smells something good and that he wants real food. Golden Retrievers generally love attention. They also become excited whenever they see you with food. And so when they see you eat something, it would not hurt if you also give him a piece of it. Golden Retrievers love almost all types of human food, but there are some that you should keep your Golden from eating, as these may not be good for them. Here are two of the following:

Egg whites. Feeding your Golden Retriever huge quantities of egg amount can cause him to get biotin deficiency, a B vitamin. This is caused by avidin, which is present in egg white and may be destructive to your Golden’s health. You may want to offset the effect of avidin by feeding your dog egg yolks, which can boost up biotin levels. You may also feed him eggshells, which are rich in protein. You may even try feeding him raw eggs, with the shell still intact for optimum effect.

Chocolate. It has been known that feeding any type of chocolate to animals is not recommended. Chocolate contains a substance known as bromine that is highly toxic to dogs and cats. Even worse is unsweetened chocolate, which contains higher amounts of bromine. When taken in large quantities, bromine can be fatal to your Golden.

Food For Your Golden Retriever

Food For Your Golden Retriever

There are still many types of human food that are good and not good for your pet. When in doubt about giving your dog a particular type of food, it is always wise to consult a veterinarian first. Your dog’s vet can also recommend food that you can give your dog as well as warn you on those that can be dangerous to him. Moreover, you can also cook up something for your Golden Retriever, with particular caution to chocolates, to make his feeding a more delicious and enjoyable experience.