The Glen of Imaal terrier is an Irish descended terrier, bred to hunt foxes and badgers and other vermin. It retains this instinct and will dig and chase things enthusiastically, making it necessary to train and turn its instincts toward something useful. The Glen of Imaal Terriers are very good family pets-they are friendly and loyal and fiercely protective; they’ll bark in their low, hard tones when they sense danger and rarely bark for no reason at all. Glen of Imaals also get along well with children, but small pets like mice and hamsters have to be supervised because the dog’s first instinct is to kill these animals and that is very hard to train out of them.

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Glen of Imaals Needs a Lot of Exercises

Glen of Imaals need a lot of exercises and mental stimulation; you can do this with daily walks, playing games, obedience training, and agility training, as well as Earth Dog Clubs which allows the terrier to give vent to his instinct to dig and tunnel without damaging anything. They make for good indoor dogs, but they do require the chance to get out and about daily. They also need to have firm, but gentle and consistent training; they do not respond well to harsh, physical training as they will respond in kind with snapping behaviors.

Glen of Imaals need weekly brushing and combing to keep their rough coats tidy and able to resist water and the cold. However, they don’t need a lot of clipping or plucking; just maintenance and clean up if you intend to put your dog in shows.

How to Groom a Glen of Imaal Terrier

Glen of Imaal terriers have a weatherproofed overcoat and a softer undercoat; they need regular grooming, as well as trimming and stripping in order to maintain their appearance and the usefulness of their coat. Glen of Imaals are very hairy so they need very regular grooming and as long as you keep on top of the grooming, they don’t shed very much.

Glen of Imaal terriers has a very rough outer coat which is weatherproof and needs to be combed with a metal comb or a slicker brush when the dog’s fur is longer. After a cut, you should use a slicker brush because it’s gentle on the dog’s skin. This should be done at least twice a week in order to get any knots out and prevent matting. You also have to wipe your dog’s beard every day to get rid of the dirt accrued from a day of eating and sniffing and getting into things.

How to Groom a Glen of Imaal Terrier

How to Groom a Glen of Imaal Terrier (

Hand Stripping a Glen of Imaal for Show

A few times a year, a Glen of Imaal needs to be hand stripped and plucked in order to maintain the integrity of its coat and its appearance. Show dogs must be hand stripped and plucked, but if you don’t intend to show your dog and you aren’t as finicky about appearances then you can do a thorough cut and trim a few times a year in order to get roughly the same effect. If you’re uncertain about stripping your pet, then you can have a professional groomer do the stripping for you, but be certain that you specify what you want and that the groomer is versed in hand stripping and plucking otherwise you won’t get what you want.

Don’t Bath your Terrier to Often

Glen of Imaals should not be bathed more than once every few months because frequent bathing ruins the weatherproofing effect of the dog’s coat. When you do have to bathe your dog, be certain to use dog shampoo and rinse thoroughly as dried shampoo is an irritant. Finally, make sure to clip your dog’s nails routinely and check his ears for ear wax or other irritants so that his ears stay healthy. You also have to clip the hairs around his ears and bum too so that your dog can more easily stay clean.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are very attractive dogs and you can keep this appearance by following a proper grooming routine. Both you and your dog will benefit from taking care of it, and we´re sure that your dog and you will enjoy the bonding time that a grooming creates!

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