Puppies and Medication

If you are like me, you have tried every trick out there to get your puppies to take their medications. I’ve crushed them, mixed them, hid them in cheese, peanut butter, dog treats and even gone so far as to force them down their throat. Well, I have found the answer. Now my dogs beg for their medication. I kid you not!

How do you ask? The answer came in an unassuming can of Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d® Feline. This brand of canned cat food is designed to help cats with digestive health issues. Now, you will need to get it from your veterinarian because it is a prescription product.

I used this cat food because it was on hand and it also contains ingredients that are easily digestible. However, most canned cat food is smelly and I believe most, if not all, will work for your dog. You can also try an organic cat food found at specialty pet stores.

Treats and Medication

Here is how I used it.

Before hiding medication in the food, I first tested it to make sure they liked it.

I only give it to my dogs when I give medications so they always see it as a special “treat”. Because the food is very smelly, it helps cover up any odor of the medication. Also, since the canned food is soft, it is easy for your pet to eat and also super easy for you to hid the pill or tablet.

I first give them a bit to “peak their interest” then hide their medication in the next spoonful. They gobble it up begging for more. Share this tip with your veterinarians and dog friends alike.

Always remember talk to your veterinarian before giving anything to your pet to make certain it is safe.