Thousands of dogs are left homeless each year, while dog breeders continue to create more dogs than there are homes for. Many people open their hearts for German Shepherds who need homes. These rescues take in former pets, work dogs and abandoned animals until they can be placed in new homes. It gives the dogs a new lease on life instead of putting them to sleep or making them live on the streets. When looking for your next family pet, a German Shepherd rescue is the best place to start.

How to Find Reputable Dog Rescue

Across the United States you will find German Shepherd rescue homes that have many dogs ready for adoption. To find a rescue in the area, contact your local Humane Society or do a quick Internet search. Most rescues have websites with photos of all the German Shepherds available for adoption. With each photo you will find a description of the dog, as well as any history available on the pet. Some dogs may be better with single people or couples without children, this information is also available on the website.

After reading the website and finding your next dog, contact the shelter directly. At times dogs are placed in homes quickly (the main goal of the rescue), so they may not be available for adoption. This is important to know before making the trek out to the rescue. Use the “Contact Us” page on the website or call any number listed. Explain what type of dog you are looking for an how quickly you would like to adopt a German Shepherd. Most German Shepherd rescues have an application process that requires you apply to adopt a dog, just like at the Humane Society. This process assures these dogs go home with loving families. You may need to supply with character references who will prove you can care for and love the animal.

Aside from references you will need a letter from your landlord approving the dog adoption or proof that you own your home. Some rescues may also ask that you provide proof of income to show you can afford to feed the dog and take care of any health problems that may arise. If the owner of the rescue had to spend money on shots, medication or cover other costs he may ask for a re-homing fee.

German Shepherd Rescue List

Why Adopting a Dog is Better than Buying?

There are many stray dogs that have no where to go, so instead of buying a pedigree dog you can adopt a mixed breed or purebred German Shepherd from a rescue that needs a home. These dogs are very loving and need families. It is also satisfying adopting a dog. You are not only helping an animal, but you are making a major change to your family. A dog teaches responsibility to adults and children. It also gives the family a way to bond together as the dog becomes part of your home.

Though there are more benefits, taking in a dog from a rescue has its down sides as well. Though most dogs come from loving backgrounds, some dogs have emotional problems from neglect or abuse. The owners of the rescues are aware of these issues and will place these special needs dogs with adults who can handle the problems. This may be separation anxiety, low self-esteem and possessive tendencies. Most behavior problems will change over time when the dogs adjust to their new, loving life. Through training and rewards these dogs will make drastic changes in behavior.

German Shepherd Rescue List

Below you’ll find many German Shepherd focused rescue organizations. This is not a complete list!

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