If you’re thinking about owning a French Bulldog researching every aspect before hand is essential. For any breed of dog for that matter! Frenchies are almost in a class of their own and are not a decision to be taken lightly.

This unique breed makes for an excellent companion. As comical and whimsical as they are, they’re definitely not a dog for everyone! And if choosing from whim or on appearance alone you may be in for a surprise.

So where to begin?

Why, at the beginning, of course…

French Bulldog History

Believe it or not the French Bulldog did not actually hail from France, but England!

These joyful little companions were bred as lap warmers during the 19th century. Lacemakers in Nottingham England made up their minds to create a smaller version of the English Bulldog.

They later took the dogs to France donning the miniature bulldogs their new name – which stuck, much to the dismay of the English! The breed eventually made it’s way back to England to show in the ring. Frenchies still compete in the show ring to present day and even took a first ever non-sporting breed win at the 134th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Show Dogs And More

If you’re thinking about entering your Frenchie into the show ring, you’ll need a pup showing good prospects for meeting the breed standards. Breed standards are put into place to ensure breeders are reaching for the best possible specimens of the breed. Placing these well bred dogs in the ring is meant for a venue to display their hard work as well as award those breeding to this standard.

“But why do I need a show quality dog if I am only looking for a pet?”, you may be asking. In a nutshell, you don’t. But you do want to look for a breeder that strives to breed pups that meet the show standards. Breeders who show their dogs are trying to preserve the quality of the breed. For Frenchies this is important due to their very common health problems.

The Clown Or The Philosopher? Or Both?

Many want to know just what the personality of a French bulldog is like? If you’ve ever owned a dog then you already know that each and every breed has it’s different characteristics. And each and every dog has it’s own personality, much like humans do.

With Frenchies it is just the same. Each and every dog is one in the same but completely different all at the same time! No matter what their personality they all have one thing in common. character!

When my husband and I brought home our first Frenchie we spent weeks just staring at her while she played, wrestled with our German Shepherd, chewed on bones for hours, or slept on our couch snoring for even longer hours. We just couldn’t take our eyes off of her! She was so entertaining, adorable, and different than any dog we had ever owned. Ever!

We still joke to this day that maybe she is not really even a dog after all. She may actually be an alien, or cuddle monster, or a pot bellied pig wearing dog skins! Lol!

What A Frog Dog Looks Like

The French bulldog colors and appearance. If you have had the pleasure to meet a Frog dog’s acquaintance then you know that they are both the most adorable and friendly dog, or ugly and gross animal you have ever seen. They get a mixed response!

Common to all Frenchies are the large pointy bat ears, large wise looking eyes, and wrinkly little muzzles. But they also come in an array of different colors! Some French bulldog colors are more common than others and easier to find, while others may be harder to obtain. Researching each of the different colors is also a good idea as different colors can also present higher rate of heath related issues such as allergies as well as different price ranges.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

The Basics!

All dog breeds have a set of basic characteristics which can be universal to the breed. From size and weight, to energy levels, training, and grooming.

Frenchies are no different in that the are some aspects of the breed that are common to them all.