Have you been wondering how to find the best cheap dog food for your hungry pitbull? Every dog owner wants the best for their pet, but dog food can be expensive. Buying dry and wet dog food every month can surely add up and become a burden on monthly expenses. Cheap dog food will cost around 5 to 10 cents per ounce for dry food while canned dog food will cost around 10 to 17 cents. There are lots of big brand names and expensive brands that charge much more for their dog food items, but finding quality, inexpensive dog food doesn’t have to be hard. And just because some brands charge an arm and a leg, doesn’t always mean that their products are superior. By finding lower profile companies that have more reasonable price tags, dog food can be found at budget rates. Here, I’ll list a few things to look for, followed by a couple quality yet inexpensive brands to check out on your quest for the best cheap dog food for your pitbull (or any dog for that matter).

Best Cheap Dog Food – It All Comes Down to The Ingredients

If you want cheap dog food that is still high quality for your pitbull, you must get used to reading the dog food labels. The best types of dog foods will come high in protein (however, protein content shouldn’t be excessively high either, as that is associated with some risks). And not just any proteins but quality meat sources like chicken, turkey, beef and lamb. If the label says something along the lines of “meat byproduct” then it’s not the real deal. Real meats should be listed within the first give ingredients.

The Best Dog Food for Pitbull with Sensitive Stomach

Also look out for artificial ingredients. These will be under the names like BHA, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup or BHT. These are colorings, artificial flavorings, and preservatives and fillers that are not good for a pitbull puppy or adult pitbull. Dogs, especially bigger breeds like pitbulls, need quality ingredients with lots of protein. Dog foods that contain carbohydrates are good, too (in moderation). Almost all dog foods will have some carbs which are good for a balanced meal and for taste. The best types of carbs would be things like brown rice, potatoes, and oats. Carbohydrates such as soybean or starch can upset your pitbull’s stomach and ultimately just not be beneficial for its health and growth. If your pitbull has an allergy or upset stomach, it could be sensitive or allergic to certain common ingredients like corn and gluten. It’s possible to find cheap dog foods without these ingredients.

Finding Affordable Dog Food – Conclusion

If you wouldn’t put it in your body, why should we give it to our pets? To find the best cheap dog food, look for lesser known brands and read the labels using the guidelines I have briefly explained here. Cheapism.com names a few brands that have high quality ingredients, including at least two meat sources that are all affordable. They mentioned AvoDerm, Fromm Classic Adult, Natural Balance, and Canidae Life Stages to name a few. You can read more about it here.