The best way to feed your pitbull is through choosing the best brands and the best dog food for sensitive stomach. The first step is to pay attention to what your pitbull may be adversely reacting to. Dogs are allergic to many human foods such as raisins, grapes, chocolate. Giving your pitbull too much “people food” can hurt your dog and hinder its growth. But giving it high quality foods such as raw meats, natural ingredient rich dry foods, and delicious meaty canned foods will make for a happy and healthy pitbull.

The second step is to buy brands filled with good proteins. Many brands, just about all brands actually, will contain carbohydrates, and that’s okay. But avoid carbs that are common allergens like corn, wheat and soy. Eliminate those ingredients and see how your dog reacts to the food. If your dog still experiences sensitivity, cut out other ingredients like peanut hulls, soybean mill, corn bran and brewer’s rice.

Best dog food for sensitive stomach – Ingredients to consider

Cut out unnatural ingredients. Look for the good stuff like real meats such as chicken and fish. Your pitbull needs lots of protein from its puppy years to adulthood. Pitbulls have a naturally muscular build but they still need the proper nutrition to grow and remain strong and healthy. By choosing the best brands with the best ingredients, you won’t have to feed your dog as much because they will be satisfied for longer with their nutritious meals. And if your dog has a sensitivity, find out what it is through the elimination process. A lot of dogs are sensitive to certain grains or artificial ingredients, just like people are.

Dog food brands that DO NOT contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives nor wheat or corn, and are free of hormones, pesticides antibiotics and chemical additives:

  • Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula
  • Blue Buffalo Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food

Brands that DO NOT contain wheat, soy or corn.

  • Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs Beef and Rice
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Dog Food

If your dog has a sensitivity to grains:

  • Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food. This brand is grain free and gluten free.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Dog Food
  • Canidae Grain Free Salmon Dog Food

If your pitbull has poultry sensitivity:

  • Blue Buffalo Lamb and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food. It also doesn’t have any chicken or poultry by products so it’s great for your pit bull.
  • Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health White Fish and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food. All of the protein in this product comes from a single animal (white fish) so it is good for dogs with poultry and other sensitivities.

Best dog food for sensitive stomach – Conclusion

Hopefully tracking down the perfect brand for your pitbull isn’t a very long process. Nowadays, there are many options and ways for finding the best dog food for sensitive stomach. But overall, the higher the quality, the better it is going to be for your pitbull.