Picking the correct dog nutrition in your dog is lot more important decision than you realize. The well being and health of your dog are for a big part, dependent on what food you choose to feed your dog. A fit and healthy dog also helps to keeps down the cost of veterinarian bills! It’s an easy thing to overlook but it is genuinely vital that you select the right dog food to feed your dog. Let’s look at a few dog food comparisons and see which is the best food for your dog.

Your dog requires lots of fresh water to keep him well and you must feed him a top quality dog food in the amounts required to meet his energy needs. You should follow the guidelines on the dog food packaging for the recommended feeding amounts, even if your dog wants more!

Dog Food Studies

One study discovered that dry dog foods preserved with vitamin E spoiled faster than meals preserved with ethoxyquin or BHA. However, the low levels of artificial preservatives in dried dog food have been shown to pose an extremely small risk to your dog. A good dog food manufacturer will be forthcoming with information about their nutrition content and always welcome inquires from clients. So do not be shy about asking the manufacturer details of their dog foods.

You may discover that other nutritional supplements and probiotics are generally added to the dog food. Ongoing research suggests that supplementing taurine could also be helpful for your dog, but as yet few manufacturers are adding additional taurine to dog foods. Part of the issue is that taurine is destroyed by heat or cooking, so there would be no natural taurine in processed dog food.
You can always supplement your dog food with rice. Rice is cheap, healthy, filling, and most dogs love it. You will find that many commercial dog foods use rice in their products.

How to Select a Dog Food To Suit Your Dog

First off you want to choose a dog food that is top quality. A term applied a great deal to indicate a high quality dog food is human grade. This implies that the dog food is good enough for human consumption so it must be an excellent dog food. Quite a few of the lower quality commercial manufactures are using materials that are unusable or less desirable for human consumption. Normally the meat that is utilized in dog foods is of a quality considered unfit for humans to eat. However this doesn’t mean the dog food is bad.

Raw Dog Food Diet

The major dog food companies attempt to give balanced proportions of minerals and vitamins to maintain the maximum health of your dog. If you ever look at the labels to determine the quality of the dog nutrition you will notice that many manufacturers of dog food have almost identical labels. Always read the label to see what vitamins, minerals and proteins are within the dog food. A reputable dog food firm are going to be happy to provide an explanation for every supplement in their food and how it is beneficial to your dog. Try to avoid the generic dog foods, they may short change your dog on much needed nutritional content.

Premium dog food is important due to the fact very good nutrition is vital in your dog to lead a extended, healthy and happy life. Studies have shown that the principal ingredient in dog meals need to be a meat-based protein, not flour, corn meal, or corn gluten meal. Pet-nutrition experts agree that the best dog food is created from human-grade ingredients like meat, whole grains and vegetables and based on studies a higher good quality dog food results in fewer digestive complications, firmer stools and a healthier coat.

Comparing Different Dog Foods

There are many different varieties of dog food to pick from. Three from the most popular are dried, semi-moist and canned food. Dog food manufactured from natural ingredients tend to have soft earth tones and contains no preservative, artificial colors and flavors. So be sure to examine the color of the dog food.

Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food is gaining in popularity and according to veterinarians, feeding your dog with raw dog food is the finest and healthiest option. Have you ever seen your dog enjoy commercial dog food the way he enjoys a very good fresh meaty bone?

Folks who feed their dog raw nutrition concede the raw food diet costs much more than conventional dog foods, but they argue it is worth it in the long run. It really is tough to find free natural home made dog food recipes so try producing your own with a mixture of rice, ground turkey and carrot for your own dog meals. It is great for your dog and he will love it.

Raw Diet for Dogs; Good or Bad?

Raw Diet for Dogs; Good or Bad?

If making your own dog food seems like a lot of effort then you will probably go the commercial route. Try and pick good premium dog food since it contains more protein and energy than an economy brand and if you add in vet bills it may possibly turn out cheaper over time. As mentioned earlier not all dog food brands use a premium organic formula, so always verify the label and contact the manufacturer for something you are not clear on. Ideally you ought to seek guidance from your veterinarian before deciding on what to feed your dog. Your vet will know your dog’s dietary requirements and give you good advice. The vet’s office and various feed stores usually carry great dog food. It can even be found online and delivered to your door for your convenience.

Why Use Dried Dog Food?

Most dog owners select dry dog food for its ease of storage and convenience. Choose a good high quality dry dog food as this will turn out to be more economical than the generic brands even though it costs more per pound. The less expensive dry dog foods are created from soybean, corn or rice, while a lot of in the premium dry dog foods are manufactured with all-natural, human-grade components.

Back To Nature With Organic Dog Food

Most normal dog food carries 100% of the nutritional value for your dog which is important for healthy strong pets. Natural dog food contain only fresh, healthy and wholesome components like eggs, chicken and fish. Not only are these protein ingredients digestible, but the carbohydrates in your dog food are also digestible. These are also the ingredients that genuinely help with the health of your dog’s coat and also your dog’s skin. You should beware organic dog has a shorter shelf life and may well spoil before you have used it all.

Shedding Light on the Raw Dog Food Diet

Vegetarian Dog Food – Is It OK?

Most of the vegetarian dog food use soy as the major protein source. Vegetarian dog foods are usually bought by owners who do not want their canines to consume meat or meat products. There are however vegetarian dog foods that are specially formulated for dogs that have allergies. These allergies include corn, wheat, and/or chicken. Talk to your vet if your dog has allergies and needs to be on a specially created diet.

So it is usually best to let dogs enjoy dog food and not human food, even though they clearly adore and want what we’re eating! Of course you can feed your dog treats from time to time, he clearly deserves it 🙂