Facts about Puppy Nutrition

Facts about Puppy Nutrition

New puppies need to be fed appropriately.  In this article, we’ll discuss what types of foods to use, the nutritional requirements needed for the puppy and how to make sure your puppy eats what you feed them.

First of all, to ensure you are getting the proper diet for your puppy, get the approval of a veterinarian first.  Once you have designed a diet and have the vet’s approval, you are assured that your puppy is eating healthy.

It is important, when designing your dog’s diet, to give them food that is both healthy and tastes good.  If the puppy won’t eat the food, then it doesn’t matter how healthy it is.

Most people feed their puppies with dry food.  This is a popular item because it is easy to put away, inexpensive and puppies generally like the taste of dry food.  It also helps keep their teeth cleaned, and provides them with nutrition.

If you want additional nutrition, consider soft and moist foods.

Puppy Nutrition

If you’re going to feed your dog canned foods, be aware that they have a lot of higher water content, and lower nutritional value.  However, there are some specialized can foods out there that can help balance your dog’s diet.

It is important to look at the nutritional facts on the back of the label of the dog food.  Make sure they’re getting enough vitamins and minerals.  Make sure they aren’t eating too many or too little calories as well.

Factor in your budget, when designing your dog’s diet.  You don’t have to blow the bank and buy only expensive stuff to get a good nutritional diet for your puppy.

Sometimes when you change a puppy’s diet, they may not take to it at first.  Be patient, and give them adequate time to adjust.  If they still do not adjust, then it is time to give them another type of food.  If they are still having trouble eating, then there may be something wrong with them, and a checkup might be needed.

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