Exclusive dog food is one of the premium and highest quality brands of pet food around. It is manufactured and distributed by PMI Nutrition. This pet food formula is one of the best out there in terms of providing whole and maximum nutritional advantages for your beloved canine buddy at home.

It is advertised as a super premium house brand that offers and provides all the necessary things needed by dogs in order to grow and maintain a healthy body throughout its entire lifetime.

Most of the Exclusive product line is of the dry dog food formula and they are readily available in your nearest grocery stores and supermarkets. Amongst all that comprise this product line, six are certified and adhere to the AAFCO nutrient profiles for the adult dog and two are specifically formulated for a puppy’s guidance to proper growth and nutrition.

One of the distinct characteristics of Exclusive dog food is the use of two kinds of meat: fresh chicken and natural lamb. The company refrains from using or adding meat byproducts as they understand they will contribute to health risks and low level of nutritional value by doing so.

Apart from chicken and lamb meat, the formula is also composed of nutrients and vitamin rich ingredients addressing every specific health need for a pet dog.

The main reason why fresh chicken and natural lamb are specifically used is because they are the most natural and healthiest sources of meat-based protein. The same protein is responsible for the growth and strength of dogs and a slight difference in the amount and quality will likely lead to huge differences in the health of a dog that feeds on Exclusive and the dog that doesn’t.

Aside from meat, the same dog food is rich in pearl barley as well. It is a great source of starch, which in turn is a popular digestible fiber. Aside from fiber, pearl barley is also an abundant source of other vitamins and minerals such as iron, niacin, thiamine, macro and micro minerals, as well as antioxidants.

Furthermore, another component of Exclusive dog food which isn’t found in other generic and commercial dog food brands is flax seed. This ingredient is responsible for providing the animal with a good skin and coat. With omega -3 and -6 fatty acids, this can also be a very good source of soluble as well as insoluble fiber that helps in the proper performance of the dog’s digestive system.

Additionally, the same fatty acids stabilize blood sugar levels. Aside from the ingredients mentioned above, the same dog food formula is also rich in whole grain brown rice, chicory root powder, oatmeal, beet pulp, and corn gluten meal.

Overall, there’s a great deal of benefits and advantages for dogs whenever their owners decide to switch food and opt for the premium Exclusive dog food formula. Aside from aiding a very healthy skin it also assists the dog to get a very shiny and healthy coat.

The same formula is able to provide practically all the things a dog needs to become generally a lot healthier, thus, extending its lifespan. With a healthier dog the animal can be almost free from illnesses and common diseases as well as worms and other allergies.