The Golden Retriever breed can be broken down into two different categories, American and British Golden Retrievers. For more than a hundred years, the British Golden Retriever has been a trusted friend of many families. In addition, their strong athleticism makes them great worker dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs and therapy dogs.

What Are British Golden Retrievers?

The muzzle of a British Golden Retriever is both shorter and wider than the American Golden Retriever. In addition, the forehead on a British Golden Retriever is more blockish.

The chest of the British Golden Retriever is deeper. The tail, as well as the legs, is shorter in the British version of the breed. In general, they are heavier than the American version.

The withers of the male British Golden Retriever are at around twenty-two to twenty-four inches high. The female is shorter than the male at only twenty to twenty-two inches tall.

They are known for their dark, round eyes in contrast to the slanted eyes of the American counterpart. The coat of the British Golden Retriever varies from light gold to cream in color. White, red and mahogany are not colors that are permissible in Retrievers bred to be show dogs.

British Golden Retrievers are known for their mild temperament. In addition, these dogs are loyal, intelligent, gentle and easy to train. They are remarkably beautiful and fun loving. Their amazing temperament means they are great for families with children.

The Origin

Originally, Golden Retrievers were bred in Scotland as hunting dogs in areas around fields, wetlands, rivers and lakes with dense undergrowth. Therefore, the ideal dog had a coat that was dense, but not too short. Nor was the coat too long to prevent the hampering of running and swimming.

Over time, breeding practices and standards evolved into the two different types, the American and the British Golden Retrievers. Minor differences have been set by the Kennel Club of the United Kingdom and the American Kennel Club relating to the sizes and colors of Golden Retrievers.

British Golden Retrievers, which are the whiter variety of the Golden Retriever breed, possess the true temperament and loyalty of the Golden Retriever breed. The pads of the feet, their noses, underbelly and gums should be black. They are active, powerful and feature a kind expression that reflects their kind temperament.

Golden Retriever Dog Breed

American Golden Retrievers

It is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a purebred white Golden Retriever, especially when it comes to show dogs. It is common for some breeders to breed their Golden Retrievers with other white dogs in order to produce a white retriever, which means that a white retriever is not purebred. If a breeder offers to sell you a white retriever, ask to see complete paperwork.

In order to produce puppies that have the greater valued, lighter-colored coat, breeders will breed their lighter color dogs in an attempt to get as close to that beautiful cream color as possible.