What is one of the biggest irritations of dog ownership? It’s having a dog that keeps barking. A barking dog can indeed drive you barking mad!! Incessant barking isn’t just a problem for you though, it can really annoy your neighbors too and encourage the other dogs to start barking. It’s really no fun having a neighborhood of barking dogs at 3 am. So what can you do to stop your dog barking at inappropriate times and make him the most loved dog on the block?

Sometimes barking is good, it’s your dog’s main way of communicating with you. Your dog may have heard or smelled something and needs to let you know. In this case barking is appropriate behavior so acknowledge your dog may well stop the barking, knowing that you have got the message. If your dog continues to bark, try saying NO in a commanding voice, or use a quiet command. If your dog stops barking reward him so that following your commands becomes pleasurable and you enforce good behavior in your dog.

Taking your dog to dog training and dog obedience schools will help train your dog and also teach you how to handle your pet. You will find that you can grow a lasting bond with your dog as you both learn together. Of course if you take your dog out and give him lots of exercise he’ll be a lot less inclined to bark. A tired dog has less energy to bark and a tired sleeping dog can’t bark! Try giving your dog something to chew on. You will find that this is also a good deterrent to barking. How many dogs have you heard barking with their mouth’s full while they are busy chewing their favorite toy?

If you’ve tried the more traditional methods it may be time to consider a barking control collar. There are various types in all price ranges so shop around to find one that suits your needs. Many of the barking collars work by using sound so that the desired behavior can be associated with the sound. In this case it’s to stop your dog barking. There are more sophisticated collars that incorporate small electric shocks to stop your dog barking. These tend to be the more expensive type and are usually very effective.

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So how does a barking control collar work? They use two types of bark detection,. It’s either the sound of your dog barking or the vibrations from your dog’s throat when he barks. Be aware thought that neither type is totally infallible.

The vibration type can be set off by motion, not just your dog’s bark and the sound type can be set off by external sounds. However both have proved to be effective for a lot of barking dog owners to help stop their dog barking in a humane manner. The best and most expensive collars employ both methods of detection at the same time to eliminate the ‘false’ readings.

Barking can be brought under control in a reasonably short space of time, no matter which methods you use. Just persevere and your barking dog will be a thing of the past?