When traveling with your dog, planning ahead and understanding where your dog is welcome is of the utmost importance. Not all hotels welcome dogs. However, there are a number that do given specific guidelines.

Some hotels may charge a small fee for the accommodation of pets. You should always call the hotel ahead of time to find out about their dog restrictions, as they may differ from place to place. Dogs and hotels can mix as long as dog owners are aware of and follow the hotel’s rules.

Other dog-friendly hotels that accommodate dogs may only do so in a specific number of rooms. Consequently, if you are planning a trip with your dog, try to book your hotel rooms as far in advance as possible, so as to ensure that your dog will be welcome under your reservations.

Here are some tips to keep in mind once you and your dog arrive at the hotel:

  • As a courtesy to the hotel, staff and other guests, always leash your dog while on hotel property.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended if you are not certain he will behave without supervision. A barking dog left alone in a hotel room is a source of irritation for other hotel guests, and is certain to cause complaints.
  • ALWAYS pick up after your pet. This should go without saying, however, the responsibility is heightened when out in public.
If You and Your Dog are Staying at a Hotel . . .
why not find a place where he can chase squirrels, run leash free and meet other canines and their owners too? Find a dog park you can visit while en route to your destination. It’s a great way to take a break from the road, and your pooch will love you for it.