Picking Dog treats

Delicious dog treats are a fantastic dog training tool. But the only way to know what dog treats your dog will like is to try different ones and go from there. There are so many that you will be sure to find a few dog treats that your dog will love. There are crunchy, chewy, soft, sweet, and salty dog treats available.

Keeping the dog treats in airtight containers with lids will keep them fresh, safe and secure from your dogs as well. By giving your dog treats for good behavior you are promoting positive experiences for both you and your pet. You should note that if you are feeding your dog a food based on an allergy diet then your dog treats should support the same formula. If you have a young dog, extra hard dog treats may not be a good idea. You may have some dog treats that may be too hard for your dog’s teeth. Depending on what type of dog you have, and the age, will determine the type of dog treats to buy for your dog. The super hard dog treats may hurt your dog or cause their teeth to break. Be aware that many dog treats are very unhealthy as they have sugar, preservatives and chemicals in them, so be sure to check the labels. This is usually true of the really cheap dog treats.

Homemade Dog Treats

A good way to ensure the contents of the treats is by giving them homemade dog treats. A fun project you, your children and their friends can do together is making these homemade dog treats. There are many places you can find homemade dog treat recipes and we’ll be adding more here in the future, so be sure to bookmark us! Making homemade dog treats for your dog shows how much you love your dog, and how much you appreciate his company. Baking and selling specialty dog treats is a fantastic opportunity for pet-loving entrepreneurs who want to work from home and have lot of fun.

Homemade Dog Biscuit Recipes: Magic Dog Cheese Treats

Some Dog Toys to Consider

Chewgars, liver biscotti and Bodhi dog toys are always a hit with the pups. Many dog toys have the additional benefit of being good for your dog’s teeth. Hard rubber dog toys and nylon dog toys are great for serious chewers. Latex dog toys and vinyl dog toys are a better choice for lighter chewers. Squeaky vinyl or latex dog toys are great fun for non aggressive chewer dogs. Realistic looking plush animals dog toys are sure to please all breeds of puppies. Use plush toys only if your dog is looking for a toy to carry around and snuggle up with.

Mixing Dog toys and treats together will keep your dog entertained for hours. The Tricky Treat ball will dispense treats keeping your dog focused and entertained. Just fill it with kibble or your dog’s favorite treat and you’ll both be entertained for hours!