A casual Maltese dog sneezing here and there is quite a normal event in every dog’s life. Most of us tend to believe that sneezing is very natural, and it is a good thing once in a while. Well, casual dog sneezing is normal but repeated dog sneezing is something that should not be ignored.

Repeated Maltese dog sneezing is not a normal event and may translate into a serious problem. If repeated dog sneezing stays for long, it may give way to bleeding, and nasal discharge. If your dog is subject to repetitive dog sneezing then, you should look it into the matter and ascertain its seriousness.

What is Dog Sneezing and Snorting in Maltese?

Dog sneezing in Maltese is nothing but sudden excretion of air through the way of nasal passage and mouth. It is an effort taken by the body to remove the source of irritation. Repetitive dog sneezing is not an illness by itself but a symptom.

Dog sneezing is an indication that there are some unwanted particles present in the respirator organs and causing irritation. Casual dog sneezing is a normal event, but if the dog sneezing is violent and nonstop along with nasal discharge or bleeding, then chances are that your dog is suffering from some health problem.

Causes of Dog Sneezing and Snorting

There are several reasons behind Maltese dog sneezing a lot. In some cases, it may be caused due to temporary irritation, and in some cases, it may be a symptom of severe illness. The common causes are explained below:

  • Temporary irritations – Temporary irritations occur when some external particles enter the nasal passageway, and they give way to dog sneezing. Maltese dog sneezing caused due to temporary irritations is a good thing and assists the respiratory system to get rid of foreign particles. This sort of dog sneezing is for a short duration and is not followed by chapters of sneezing. There is no need to get medical intervention in this case.
  • Allergies – Like human beings, allergies are one of the most common causes behind dog sneezing. Allergies may be caused due to various reasons. Plant fibers, pollen grains, debris, dust, perfume, certain food items and chemicals are some common items that cause allergies. The easiest way to cure allergies is to keep your dog away from the items, he is allergic to. However, for severe conditions, you need to consult a veterinarian.
  • Dental and Sinus Problems – Sinus infections are known to cause episodes of dog sneezing. They are usually accompanied with nasal discharge and fever. On the other hand, dental problems such as infections in teeth or gums are known to aggravate sinus problems, which may give way to dog sneezing. Dental and sinus problems, both demand proper treatment through the veterinarian.
  • Polyps – In certain cases, dogs are known to develop polyps in their nasal passage that causes irritation and gives way to dog sneezing. It is recommended to get the polyps tested and removed because they may be benign or cancerous even.

Treatment of Dogs Sneezing

The treatment to be applied for dog sneezing varies along with the causes. Dog sneezing caused to temporary irritations and invasion of foreign objects may be treated through removal of the foreign particle from the nasal passageway. Ensure that you remove the foreign particle very carefully or it may push the particle further inside the nose.

All About Maltese Dog

All About Maltese Dog

On the other hand, if dogs sneezing is repetitive, accompanied with bloody nasal discharge and obstructs breathing then a veterinarian should be consulted. Moreover, the best treatment to keep dog sneezing away is to maintain proper hygiene and provide good nutrient and rest.