Dog Skin Problems

Hot spots are one of common dog skin disorder, caused by infections or normal skin bacteria raise and overpower regular resistance. This dog skin disorder will spread a lot and fast if dog start to scratch, bite or any behavior of the dog that seems to reduce the itchy skin but nevertheless, they just make it worse more than good. As a pet owner, this is our job; this is our responsibility to keep our dog with their healthy life as possible.

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The Fact Is
Like I said before whatever it is, from the dog view the solution is only by scratching on the itchy area. So, they need your help. Just keep reading, we will ensure this problem will be solved as faster as we can.

But before that, we must and need to know what the symptoms are? Why my dog is infected? What is the best solution to these problems?

I will give as much information and solution for you. And by doing that, this article will cover up 4 stage of topics that we will discuss after this.

  1. What are the symptoms?: You need to know this one, if not you never notice about what is the problem of your dog. And far worse the problem will be unsolved and make your dog suffered alone without anyone cares about it.
  2. Causes of Hot Spots Disease: Basically this topic will let you know why or what makes your dog is infected. By reading this topic also, of course, you will not just notice why, but also when this problem start occurs. Right? Did you get me?
  3. Other than that, we try to solve this problem. Many ways actually but this is one of solution idea that recommended by some big guy that really expert on this. John Resse.
  4. After you finish run all the information above, time to prevent this problem. This is much more important than any, rather than just keep waiting until your dog is infected right? So this topic will let you know some idea to prevent these dog skin problem hot spots from keep coming again and again.

Where is the common area that will be infected?

Legs area is the common area that will be infected by Hot Spot disease, and because of dog scratch his itchy place by lick and bite on it make the bacteria or the infection area will spread to any area to it a possible range of doing so.

What Are the Dog Hot Spot Symptoms

So what are the symptoms that happen on your dog if it already infected? If your dog behavior as following below, most likely it already infected. Precaution and prevention is a must. You must act fast because a dog hot spot is a very annoying skin lesion that can grow rapidly if left untreated.
Does your dog have the following symptoms?

  • Licking, biting and chewing a spot on the skin endlessly.
  • The spot suddenly increases in a matter of hours, sometimes with pus inside.
  • The sore may sometimes ooze pus or blood out.
  • The hot spot loses hair.
  • The sore smells funny.
  • Your usually friendly hairball best friend is now bad-tempered and growls at you when you accidentally touch him/her.

Causes of Hot Spots Disease

Here are 3 of the main causes of a dog skin problems:

  • Usually, a dog that is more at risk to get matted hair that prone to irritate this hot spots disease is a dog that has hairy coats. Which is Shih-Tzu dog is one of dog group that is more susceptible. If the hair is very thick the possible of trapped dead hair inside the skin is also prone to this causes of hot spots and of course by this case dog with long coats are also one of possible will be infected.
  • Dogs with allergic reactions to house dust, household chemicals, commercial dog food and even plant pollen are also vulnerable to hot spots.
  • Other dogs are just plain hyper and will end up biting, licking and gnawing at themselves if left alone. This can also cause hot spots to appear.

Dog Skin Remedies

Try this basic knowledge of hot spot remedies
Below here is some of not so home remedies to get your dog health in healthy fit. Because you may also need some natural things or some complex things to do a job nicely done. As it wrote before, yes I write it down the step of solution first before scroll up my mouse again to make an introduction like this to tell you a summary, generally you must keep the infection area free to “breath” which leaves the hot spot exposed to the air and healing will be quicker, like a point one of cause to hot spot above.
It is always advisable to take the dog to the Vet for a professional exam and treatment.

Once you discover the spot don’t waste any time treating it, as it can become a deep wound in a very short time due to the constant biting and scratching.

  • The first thing you need to do is to prevent and keep the infection area become spread, by doing so you must trim the hair around the infected itself. By doing this, not just the next step much easier to treat the spot, you also have minimized the itchiness of skin to your dog. In case the area of infection is critical, maybe you should wear an Elizabethan collar to your dog before it snaps you because of it may be painful. Jump awhile here in case you don’t know how to make Elizabethan collar – –picture link
  • Next is clean the bald area with soft antiseptic soap. Make sure you wash it nicely with no remaining soap is left with cold water because your remaining soap is possible to cause further irritation.
  • Pat completely dry, you can apply any desiccating powder that your Vet recommends. Medication is usually Benadryl tablets but does check with your Vet.
  • The natural product like hazel and apple cider vinegar is a proven medium to effectively against dog hot spots. Not just that, Tepezcohuite has been found to effectively treat skin problem like this hot spot as well. And without any doubt, this Tepezcohuite is guaranteed to help you and your dog keep in fit.

Hot Spot Disease Prevention

Prevention is much better than cure
Basically, the prevention of dog skin problems hot spots or any common dog disease is related to by it cause. And also same point as I want to share with you right now.

  • Idea 1. For long hair dog, you should regularly brush them up to avoid any tangles. Well groomed and trimmed in summers to avoid matting of the fur
  • Idea 2. Instead of just removing tangles, how about clean your home again or the area that dog loves to play.
  • Idea 3. Know who your dog with. This becomes awkward,? because after this not just you must know who your childhood friends with but also who your dog play with. To prevent your dog from being infected by already wild lone outside dog.
  • Idea 4. Bath your dog with an herbal shampoo that contains an Aloe Vera to improve your dog health coat.
  • Idea 5. If the cause isn’t fleas, which usually are the most common cause, then maybe your dog is bored or lonely or stressed – start exercising and playing with your dog a little bit more than usual. A word of advice, pets are like children – they need constant monitoring. Moreover, your pet cannot speak for himself, so you need to be extra vigilant to ensure that Fido stays healthy and well groomed all the time.
  • Big Idea no 6. From my thought, the idea of keeping your dog clean, bathing a dog in a good way, good grooming idea or any above statement is not just real enough. Which I mean, we should train our dogs to avoid them keep doing it the bad thing like never lay down their body in a dirty place for example. By doing that, maybe you should ask or find a good trainer or maybe buying an eBook where you can learn in case you want to minimize your money pocket by hiring some expert.