There are several fungal diseases which dogs are susceptible to and ringworm is one of the more common of these. Symptoms of this disease are hair loss and the skin on the animal is rough and scaly. There are a several topical or oral treatments available to dogs who acquire this disease which are effective and can shorten its duration. One should be aware that this disease can be transmitted from dogs to humans.

In the Southern States of the United States along the Mississippi River a fungal disease known as blastomycosis occurs in nature. This disease affects both dogs and humans. Symptoms of this disease are the loss of weight, enlarged lymph nodes, coughing, developing a fever and stiffness in the joints. It can even lead to blindness. Dogs are much more susceptible to diseases acquired from nature then their human counterparts. Dogs are often considered to be the prime carriers of this fungal disease.

Another fungal disease with similar symptoms which can attack dogs is acquired from the faeces of bats and birds. This disease is known as histoplasmosis and occurs in river and lake areas. This disease in dogs occurs in countries throughout the world.

Yet another fungal disease known as coccidioidomycosis occurs in the dry and arid regions of South and Central America.

Symptoms of all these fungal diseases mentioned are alike in many respects and should not be ignored.