Today I have decided to provide you with some astonishing information about the dog industry. It already is a huge one and growing even more with the passage of time. Each year millions of people like to spend billion of dollars to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Dog industry in fact is helping many other Small industries with their growth. Here we can provide you with a list as a reference,

Thus, today we have thousands of individuals who are relying on this industry for their bread and butter.

Understand its Magnitude

Dog’s industry as we have mentioned has already turned into a giant. In the year 2015 American`s spent more than 15 Billion US$ on account of vet-care only. According to the official figures Dog’s are still dominating as far as the petting is concerned. On basis of an estimation, there are around 80Million households in America who have at least one dog. In other words around 65% of the total households in this country alone do have at least one dog .

Service’s Industry

We have seen outsourcing as becoming a common and a wise solution for having weird jobs done. Similarly the services industry has also transformed a lot. Dog Care Industry is the one that have too much potential. Each year, billions of dollars are being spent by dog owners for dog sitting, walking or boarding. Finding such a solution becomes in inevitable for owners as they cannot leave their dog alone when they went to the work or somewhere outside from their city.

Potent Option

Starting a career in this industry is something great for those who have an interest in petting dogs. You can start it straight away as a dog walker or a sitter. There is nothing much that you need. Those who have an experience in petting dogs can to it straight away. However, remember it is a serious kind of work and requires some training. You can have yourself or the dog injured by taking a couple of wrong steps. In addition to this, the internet oriented market is a great place to start if you are more interested in retail business.