Dog house training or dog potty training requires lots of patience and perseverance and it is the most fundamental thing a dog should learn. Dogs that are not properly house trained may cause you to lose your temper and in many cases, this is the main reason why so many dogs were being sent to shelter homes.

Steps For Dog House Training / Dog Potty Training

  • Nature of Dogs. Instinctively, dogs do not like to soil the area where they sleep and eat and they will avoid eliminating in these areas as much as they could. Generally, a healthy dog is able to control his bladder and bowel for about 8 hours.
  • Consistent Feeding. Always make a habit of feeding your dog consistently as inconsistent feeding time may result in inconsistent potty time. It helps you to determine when your dog needs to go to the toilet. Take your puppy dog to the appropriate potty area whenever there’s a need arises.
  • Establish A Potty Area For Your Dog. Whenever your dog needs to go to the toilet, accompany your dog to this area until you’re sure that your dog has developed a strong habit of eliminating there. Use a dog leash to guide him to the area.
  • Patience Is The Key. Give your dog some time to get used to eliminating at the defined toilet area. Understand that house training or potty training a dog does not happen in a day or two.
  • Praise and Reward Your Dog. Praise and reward your dog profusely when you catch your dog doing it at the right potty area.
  • Take Your Dog Out Frequently. One of the reasons a dog eliminates in his sleeping area is the dog has been confined for long periods of time. Take your dog to the toilet area if he’s been confined to a crate for some time.
  • Never Punish Your Dog. Do not punish your dog whenever you catch your dog eliminating at the wrong spot. Quickly clean the area so that your dog will not do it at the same spot again.

Dog House Training / Potty Training Equipment:

Dog urine odor cleaner/remover

You may need to purchase dog urine odor cleaner/remover to eliminate the scent of your dog’s urine or feces at home. This product works great for house training to prevent your dog from eliminating at the same spot.

Dog Treats

Motivate and praise your dog for exhibiting good house training behavior by giving him some delicious and healthy dog treats.

How to Help to make Puppy Potty Training Easier

Dealing with Accidents

As part of the dog house training – potty training process, you should get yourself prepared to clean up some mess in your house. When you catch your dog or puppy in the act, here is what you can do to rectify the situation:

  • If you happened to catch your dog doing it at the wrong place, do something to interrupt him immediately like making some loud noises for instance, but make sure not to scare him. Then, take him to the right spot so that he could finish his business. When he does, praise and reward your dog.
  • Make sure to clean the soiled area well to eliminate the scent. Dogs tend to continue soiling at the same spot if he smells urine or feces at that area.
  • Never punish your dog if he soiled an area in your house. Do note that any kinds of punishment will do more harm than good as it creates a negative impact on your dog whenever he needs to go to the toilet. He may be afraid to eliminate in your presence next time and this could only prolong the potty training process.

Other types of Dog House Training Issues

If your dog continues to soil your house even after many attempts of consistent house training process, it may be due to some other reasons:

  • Separation Anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety may soil the house if they are left alone in the house to release the tension and anxiety created.
  • Medical Condition. Do check your dog’s health condition regularly by a veterinarian. Medical complications may cause your dog to eliminate inconsistently.
  • Fears & Phobias. Whenever the puppy or dog is exposed to loud noises, he may lose the control of the bladder.
  • Urine Markings. Dogs leave their urine marking to establish their territory if they feel their territory has been invaded.

Puppy House Training Guide