Dog health problems present many potential ailments that can some times throw you and your pup off guard. The impact of the results can be devastating if no action is taken right away and can also be costly. To avoid these last minute surprises about your dog’s future health problems, research and preparation will arm you with knowledge on how to avoid them now and keep your dogs health. These preventative measures should be a part of your normal obedience training sessions for your dog.

Lurking Dog Health Problems

Dogs can potentially have any kind of health issues, just like people. A big difference is that dogs cannot communicate to you that he has a stomach ache. There is no way for you to know your dog might be suffering until the pain becomes so apparent that treatment may be needed. Some times these dog health problems can have an affect on their dog obedience training, so,it’s important to recognize these dog health symptoms and the actions you can take to avoid these issues in the first place. Read on and take heed of these 5 dog health conditions to be aware of:

  1. Infections. The classic cases for dog infections occur in their teeth, eyes, on their skin and in their ears. Ear infections are the most common and are often due to a foreign body or bacteria getting in there. You need to frequently check your dog’s ears for swelling, red spots, unusual moisture or dirt. With regards to dog health problems, infections are the easily preventable. By consistently cleaning your dog’s eyes, brushing the coat and brushing their teeth you can avoid bacteria build up.
  2. Allergies. Many forms of dog allergies can affect your dog. But a very common one is the flea allergy which causes hot spots and results in infections. Moreover, if their skin problems lead to ear infections or other hot spots, it may be a food allergy – This is a more serious condition that only your veterinarian should check out.
  3. Diabetes. It’s a long known fact that diabetes affects human beings but this disease also affects dogs as well. Excess rich, fatty and sugary foods can result in pancreatic issues that cause diabetes which leads to other dog health problems. You are in control to help prevent your dog from getting diabetes by putting him on a strict diet, avoiding table scraps or excessive meals. If your dog is diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll need to see a vet regularly and may need to administer regular shots.
  4. Arthritis and Dysplasia. Many dogs are prone to joint dog health problems. Pure breeds especially have a long history of arthritic health problems due to their longer, narrower joints. Be sure to give your dog the necessary daily vitamins and minerals as well as making sure your vet checks his joints for degeneration, yearly.
  5. Obesity. Obesity is one of the most common and deadly dog health problems and is directly caused by eating too much and not exercising enough. For clarification, obesity by itself will not kill your dog, however the issues associated with it will; things like skin disease, tumors, liver disease or heart failure are deadly if not handled right away. On a positive note, obesity is treatable and with a good health diet and regular daily exercise, your dog is on the road to a healthy lifestyle.

As long as you give your dog plenty of good exercise, eats a healthy meal, not table scraps and is clean and groomed, most of these dog health problems will not be an issue. With that given, be sure to take your dog for at least an annual visit to the vet to check for other potential health problems. The earlier you catch a disease, the better it can be treated the less dog health problems for your pet.