Many dog owners who think they know about dog health care tend to be astonished by the wealth of health treatment for dogs. It is a real pity that a great many dogs are put down once they get unwell even though their illness may very well be curable.

One illustration of a quite simple dog health care procedure is canine blood donation, that is ever more common in the UK. Regrettably not enough vets are completely aware about the simpleness of the process and because of this don’t recommend it adequately to dog owners.

An additional instance is using pace makers in dogs. It is remarkable to consider that a dog’s lifetime might be extended by the exact sort of surgical procedures that enables innumerable people to live for a longer time when experiencing illnesses which slow their heartbeats and it’s evidence of the work that goes into dog health care investigation behind the scenes.

The usage of pacemakers on our canine buddies is relatively unheard of, because of its cost, with the treatment being created in the US. A fascinating fact is that absolutely no producer makes pace makers especially for dogs, thus human products are used. Therefore to keep expenses lower about a tenth of pacemakers used on dogs in America are reused from people who have passed away.

Fitting a pace maker to a dog which, apart from the heart illness, is in good health may enable them to live between three and six years more. You learn something new about dog health care everyday!