Humans are not the only ones who get diabetes, our beloved pet dogs also do and that is why you should consider making diabetic dog food. It can be as alarming and as traumatic and like humans, they also need proper maintenance especially when it comes to their diet to ensure better condition. Negligence may result to complications that may be very difficult to fix. And so, they also need to be fed with meals low in carbohydrates and sugar or a specific diabetic dog food.

Aside from that, it is equally important to watch on the amount and frequency of their meals. Most veterinarians advise dog owners to feed their pets with small meals twice or thrice a day instead of giving them one large meal for the day. The reason for this is the high insulin spike when they take in single large meals which after a few hours may only make them hungry again and not feeding them will only result to hypoglycemia.  When they are fed with small amounts, blood sugar level is given enough time to stabilize.

The first time you suspect your dog to be diabetic, immediately consult your vet. He is specially trained to take care of your dog’s health. He will also give you a list of do’s and don’ts so you can personally monitor your dog’s health condition.

Quick & Easy Homemade Diabetic Dog Food Recipe

Below are some guidelines on feeding your diabetic dog that most vets will most likely recommend:

  • Get rid of foods with high sugar content.

What is bothering about commercial dog foods is that you can never be sure whether the ingredients and food contents on its labels are really true. They may be telling you that their product has less sugar or starch but according to some researches, most commercial dog foods contain food extenders such as gluten or flour. Carbohydrates always have in mind, become glucose after undergoing digestion.

  • Resort to homemade dog food.

If you are worried about your dog not getting the proper diet for his health condition by eating processed dog foods then it is about time you consider switching to homemade dog food. What else can be more assuring than personally preparing your dog’s meal? That way, you would know whether your dog’s meal is that safe and whether it contains the proper nutrients that he needs for his condition.

  • Kick out fats on your dog’s diet too.

Sugar is not the only culprit on worsening your dog’s diabetic condition. One thing that you should also watch out for is the fat content on your dog’s meal. Since the pancreas is responsible for breaking down fats, it is not the best time to put too much stress on it by feeding your dog foods with too many fats. You should never give your diabetic food beef as this contains a very large fat content.

  • Feed your dogs fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars which are not as detrimental to your dog. It is also advisable to give your dogs certain grains such as oats, millet and brown rice which will provide adequate fiber and will also help in regulating insulin level.

By now you should be convinced to make diabetic dog food for your dog if it needs it.