Learn More About Maltese Dog Flea Treatment

Has your pet dog been continuously scratching and itching himself? Has he developed itching rashes with small bumps? Well, if yes, then your Maltese dog has been charged with fleas. It is very vital to start with dog flea treatment as quick as you can because flea infestation gives way to varied dog health problems.

Dog fleas are a certain type of fleas that primarily dwell on the blood of dogs. The life cycle of fleas is usually around three to four months and comprises of four phases. Fleas are known to cause severe skin problems, itching and varied health problem.

What is Dog Flea Treatment?

Since fleas are known to cause a lot of problems for the pet as well the owner, it is recommended to get dog flea treatment at the right time. Maltese dog flea treatment is nothing but various treatment methods to get rid of the fleas by treating your pet dog, home and outside area with proper medicines and insecticides.

Earlier, pet owners were compelled to use insecticidal sprays and dips as dog flea treatment. These sprays were known to cause dangerous effects to the pets as well as the owners. However, today there has been an exponential rise in dog flea treatment methods and products.

Types of Maltese Dog Flea Treatment

 Maltese Puppies

Maltese Puppies

There is a wide range of dog flea treatment products readily available in the market. You need to walk into any pet store or supermarket and have a look at various dog flea treatment products. Flea powder, flea sprays, flea shampoo, and flea collars are some common examples of dog flea treatment products.

Other reliable dog flea treatment products are the topical medications. Advantage, Frontline, and Promeris are some well known examples. These medicines need to be applied on the skin of the pet, and they work with the natural oils found in the skin. It is advised to use two types of dog flea treatment medicated product so that the fleas do not develop resistance to a particular product.

A relative new product in the scene of flea treatment products is an oral dog flea treatment product. This is a reliable, safe and effective product. The flea tables need to be consumed by the pet orally and are known to stop development of eggs and larvae. This method targets the source of the problem but the adult fleas need to be taken care of by other products.

Natural Dog Flea Treatment

To be very frank, no flea treatment product available in the market is free from chemicals. All dog flea treatment products are known to cause some side effect or the other hence it is best to abide by natural dog flea treatment. Natural flea treatment methods for your pets are known to be highly effective for controlling the fleas and cure the problem from its roots.

Maltese Dogs

Maltese Dogs

The best natural flea treatment for your pet is to maintain proper hygiene through proper grooming and bathing. Make sure that you bathe your dog weekly if he is ridden with fleas. Use a gentle shampoo that contains citrus oil or pyrethrin. You can also try applying cider vinegar as fleas are repelled by the taste and smell of vinegar.

Once you have applied the best dog flea treatment method, it is very vital to get rid of fleas from your house also. Several flea sprays and bombs are available in the market in order to kill the fleas.