Although dogs are domesticated animals, there is still a part of them that long for the physical exertion that their cousins (snow dogs, wolves) still enjoy. Dogs love to run and chase other animals around for fun and for keeping themselves in shape. But if you don’t live near the fields where you can set your dog free and run around, there are suburban dog exercises that can keep you and your dog busy during early mornings and weekends.

Teach your dog to retrieve Frisbee. This dog exercise may be done in a small dog park or an open parking lot. Throw the Frisbee and let your dog run and fetch it for you. This is an excellent aerobic dog exercise. Running and jumping increases your dog’s heart rate, flexes his joints and muscles, and improves his blood circulation. Sports dogs such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers need this kind of dog exercise.

Twice or thrice a week of Frisbee play will do. For running dogs such as a Whippet (breeds that have lean muscles, slender waist, short hair, and tail that goes down and stays in between the legs), running must be done on a daily basis; if not, life expectancy of these type of dogs will be shortened.

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Sprint walk with a leash. During early mornings, you can sprint walk with your dogs on alleyways within your area. Don’t do this type of dog exercise with toy dogs, such as poodles and pugs; it will strain and stress them. A simple walk will suffice.

Climb up and down on elevated ground or stairs. This is a good cardio dog exercise for all types of dogs. Let your dog walk with you, up and down the elevated car park entrance or run with you if your dog is up to it.