Ear infections in dogs are one of the most popular infections that could come upon a little fur ball. Good news is, that due to the push in science lately for dogs, ear infections are no longer an extremely dangerous infection to have to deal with. While it may be uncomfortable and some dogs may put up a fight for the treatment, ultimately it is going to heal what they have going for them. This infection is called otitis externa.

You will have to be aware of your dog’s behavior to figure this one out. Not many puppies find this an inconvenience and roll around to let you know that something is wrong. Well, at least mine didn’t. Instead here are a few things that you are going to have to pay attention to if you start to notice a change in your beautiful dog.

  • If the dog has long ears that can’t seem to hold themselves u as high as they used to be, maybe it’s because your dog gets a shock of pain every time they try to lift their ears and have been trained, through shock treatment not to raise them.
  • If the dog has beautiful ears with none of that then there is nothing to worry about. However, If the ear has begun to morph itself into another shape or begin to lose its shape and vitality, then you will know something is wrong. A quick way to tell about this is if the dog, has issues moving the ear and it going to a different place.
  • Another typical symptom about a dog’s ear infection is if the dog has tons of water or hair in the ears. Meaning if the dog’s ears are watery, more than usual it is the puss of the infection that is trying to heal itself and as a result collecting random hair particles that are left around the house. It’s not like there will be an afro in his or her ear, but it will be uncomfortable and will lead to some weird behavior.
  • Allergies are the next killer. If your dog has never had allergies and never used to cough so much or sneeze and the turn of the season usually doesn’t spark this much change in the dogs, then chances are that your dog has allergies due to the makeup of the specific infection. What happens is the dog’s defenses, that would usually be defending against the potential of allergies has been used up to defend another threat to the dog’s body that has to be dealt with.
  • A more annoying and obvious discomfort for the dog would be parasites. These things literally eat off of the dogs back and body making it a very hardy thing to remove. Because they are so small the best thing for you to do is head into the vet and make sure they tell you exactly what you have to do, down to the instructions and be careful what you’re feeding your dog, you never know where these pesky things can come from.
Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear Infections in Dogs (source: pixabay.com)