Know in Details About Dog Ear Infection

Is your Maltese dog constantly shaking his head or itching his ear? Are his ears swollen and you can see some ear discharge? Well, then your pet is suffering from dog ear infection.

Dog ear infection is a common ailment and affects around 20 to 30 percent of dogs. Dog ear infection is quite common in some breeds of dogs, especially those with floppy ears as air flow is warm and limited, making the ear prone to infection. Since the ears of dogs are deeper and longer than humans, it is very easy for the wax or infection to build up and very tough to get rid of.

Maltese Dog ear infection should not be ignored as it ought to cause a lot of discomfort to the pet. Moreover, early detection of infection will lead to proper treatment and prevent severe conditions.

How does Ear Infection Happen?

Ear canals of dogs comprise of two components – horizontal and vertical. This anatomy makes dogs an easy subject to ear infection as debris has to struggle its way out instead of straight out.

Maltese ear infection generally stems from the excess production of ear wax, which gives way to irritation and discomfort. Another common cause of dog ear infection is allergic skin diseases. Other possible causes of dog ear infection are deep hair growth in the canal, foreign bodies such as foxtails and grass owns, and earth mites.

As mentioned earlier, the shape and the way in which the ears of dogs are designed are also a common cause of dog ear infection. Water going inside the ear is unable to drain off properly or dry off and thereby, causes dog ear infection. Another common activity that gives ways to dog ear infection is plucking of hairs. The serum which comes out from open pore serves an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, and lead to ear infection.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms In Maltese

The common Maltese ear infection symptoms are scratching in and around the ears and shaking of the head. The ear flaps tend to swell and become red. The inside of the ear shall always stay unexceptionally moist, and you can see some brown material like that of coffee grounds.

If your pet is suffering from an ear infection, he will tend to keep his head tilted on one side. Overall inflamed appearance coupled with a lack of balance, and weird eye movements are also common symptoms. You may also come across a foul smell from the ears of your dog.

Maltese Ear Infection Treatment

To be very frank, dog ear infection treatment begins at home. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to be observant and take into account any unusual signs and symptoms. There are several home remedies that can be adopted by pet owners to treat and prevent minor problems.

Ear Infection Home Remedy

Various cleaning solutions including vinegar or acetic acid are often recommended by a veterinarian and can effectively remove foreign substances and dirt from the ear. Other common home remedies are an application of certain oil such as olive oil to prevent recurrence of infection. Pet owners should not compromise with regular cleaning, grooming, and trimming of hairs.

Maltese Puppies

Maltese Puppies

Other alternative treatments include strengthening the immune system through a healthy diet and supplements of Vitamin C. It is recommended to make use of antimicrobial and antiseptic remedies for ear health. Tea Tree oil and Marigold oil are examples of natural antiseptics. And lastly, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian for any complex and severe situations.