At some time in their lives all dogs suffer from diarrhea. Dog diarrhea usually only lasts a couple of days, but occasionally it can last longer severe diarrhea in dogs should be taken very seriously. Just as in human babies your dog needs the proper care and treatment.

If your dog has just had the occasional soft stool then home remedies such as probiotics could be considered. but if your dog has had diarrhea for any length of time or if it seems particularly bad then you should seek professional advice from your veterinarian.

Just like a baby, a dog or puppy can dehydrate from diarrhea symptoms and if not recognized and treated quickly they could escalate into a near fatal situation. you should make sure a dog with severe diarrhea does not dehydrate by supplying him with plenty of clean fresh water.

Diarrhea in DogOften especially in young puppies diarrhea can be caused by viruses or parasites. A vet will take a sample of your dogs stool for analysis. Often one of the main causes of dog diarrhea is worms puppies should be wormed at two – three weeks and older dog at regular intervals. As worm infestation spreads within the puppy or dog it causes diarrhea. Flu viruses, strange food, or foraging in bins can be other less severe reasons for dog diarrhea.

When a dog suffers from this ailment and especially a puppy you must bear in mind it will lower his immune system and probably cause dehydration this will leave him vulnerable to other diseases and illnesses.

A vet will be able to give you the best advice and will know if it is a serious case or not, he may prescribe a medication or give you an advice sheet that covers what you should do to combat dog diarrhea this will often include a temporary diet of bland food and rice until the dog recovers.

In the early signs of dog diarrhea omitting water for 24 hours can help but if the symptoms continue or the diarrhea is in squirts then the main concern is keeping your dog hydrated with plenty of fluids to replace the bodily fluids he is losing.

What Causes Canine Diarrhea in Dogs and Puppies

What Causes Canine Diarrhea in Dogs and Puppies

In very severe cases where the dog is not drinking the vet may even put your puppy or dog on intravenous fluids. Very soft diarrhea compared to watery squirts often signal the severity of the attack as does the frequency of his toilets. If dog diarrhea is left untreated and the dog or pup has a severe attack it could be near to fatal for your dog and a puppy could even die.

You must recognize and treat dog diarrhea as quickly as possible if your dogs stools are very loose do not just dismiss it but keep an eye to check that it does not develop into a more severe case and if it does take your dog to the vet immediately.