The most annoying and not tolerable habit of a dog is biting. Sometimes, it does not only bite human but also things. It is dangerous for people around him and the entire stuffs in your home. That’s  why, training your pooch to stop doing inappropriate act is urgently needed. Before starting the training, please remember that screaming and violence are not allowed to use. You have to be patient and understand the reason behind the bad habit then try these three ways.

  1. Socializing

Just like you, your dog needs to socialize too. Your dog need to know that biting means hurting. It is recommend to let a little dog with his mother at least 10 days after it was born. A dog will learn to fight with its siblings. From that moment, he will know that being bitten is hurt. Yet, when your dog has been older, taking him to park is best way. It will play with other dogs. When another dog bites him, he will understand.

  1. Easing

Second trick is to ease your pooch. It is applicable when the reason of biting is teeth. In other words, every dog will undergo teething period in which he will feel pain and itching. During such condition, you have to ease your dog. One of the ways is by having a cloth in a freeze. After that, let your dog to play with it. This will help him to forget what he feels because he needs something to bit. He will act differently by chewing, nipping, and biting as the best thing that he can do. He does it under the reason of releasing pain.

  1. Making Dog Tired

The last way when the first and second way do not work is to make him tired. When he is tired, he will be calm or even sleep. It is actually also in line with dog nature. A pooch needs to release its energy. When there is no way, biting is his choice. That is why, you should take him to do a lot of activities. It will take his energy and he will not bite. When he has lost its energy and you leave it, he will sleep.

Those are three tricks in dealing with dog biting habit. Appropriate understanding on what the dog wants is the key.