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When the big day comes, you may be excited and a bit anxious about picking the right puppy out of the litter. You may have read that there are certain “puppy aptitude tests” to help make the choice easier so you can make sure you bring the right puppy home. Most of these tests, encompass several parts where you evaluate the puppy’s response and determine the puppy’s overall temperament, but how accurate are really these tests?

What is a Puppy Aptitude Test?

A puppy aptitude test is simply that, a test used to evaluate potential puppies so you can pick the right puppy from the litter. The test entails assessing several responses such as evaluating if the puppy approaches you first if the puppy follows you around the room and reactions to some not-so-pleasant activities such as lifting the puppy off the ground or laying him on the floor and preventing him from getting up.

How Effective is a Puppy Aptitude Test?

As effective as these tests may appear to be, there are several major flaws. First of all, there are many reasons why a puppy may behave in a certain way instead of another. For instance, a puppy may fail to come near you because she previously had a play session with her siblings and is very tired. Another puppy may approach you simply because you were very close and the smell of you attracted her. There are too many variances that a predictable assessment cannot be ultimately formed.

Secondly, upon being adopted out at 8 weeks, puppies are still sponges that absorb a lot and are at a stage where full learning is at its peak. According to Alexandra Semyonova, a puppy’s brain at 7 weeks old still has to do eighty percent of its growing! A puppy test will, therefore, just give you an idea of how the puppy behaves at the moment of the test; therefore, it is not a reliable predictor of how the puppy will behave in the future.

So how reliable are these tests? Not much, since puppies have not yet formed their true character. Just as in humans, you will never know what a toddler may turn up to until he or she experiences the world. And because of this, reputable breeders now match up puppies with the owners and not vice-versa; after all, the breeder knows the puppy best and knows for a fact that their assessment over the weeks, while non-conclusive, is at least more accurate than a 20-minute encounter with a stranger.

How Effective is a Puppy Aptitude Test?

How Effective is a Puppy Aptitude Test?