Obedience school is an expense it can be difficult for many dog owners to justify, especially in this economy. If your dog is relatively well-behaved, house-trained, and kind around strangers and other animals, sending him or her to obedience school probably isn’t necessary. On the other hand, if you spend all of your free time keeping your dog out of trouble, you might want to consider seeking the help of a professional dog trainer. Here are some signs that might indicate your dog needs to go to obedience school:

Your dog still uses your house as a bathroom

The occasional accident is to be expected. If your dog regularly goes to the bathroom in your house, it’s a problem. You shouldn’t have to spend your free time cleaning up your dog’s mess. If you weren’t able to successfully house-train your dog on your own, you probably need some professional guidance.

It seems like your adult dog’s still teething

It’s common for puppies to chew on shoes, blinds, stuffed animals, eyeglasses, pens, etc. They often outgrow this behavior and are satisfied to chew on the occasional bone as adults. If your adult dog still chews on practically everything she can get her teeth on, obedience school might be the solution.

Your dog ignores you

A dog with selective hearing, who only listens when it’s time to eat or take a walk, can be quite difficult to live with. Your dog should come when called and stop doing destructive and aggressive things when you say “no.” If your dog ignores you and pretty much does whatever he wants, it might be time to enroll him in school.

You can’t keep up with your pup

Some breeds of dogs are more energetic than others. You might, for instance, need to play fetch in the backyard for an hour or so every day with your Labrador. Your Lhasa Apso, on the other hand, probably only requires a couple of short walks a day. All dogs need exercise, and you should let your dog be physically active every day. If your dog has boundless energy and is starting to wear you out, however, you might want to speak to an obedience school instructor. An instructor of this kind will be able to give you tips about calming your dog down and exercising her more effectively.

Don’t Let Your Dog Drive You Barking Mad

Don’t Let Your Dog Drive You Barking Mad

Your dog barks excessively

Can’t sleep because your dog’s barking so much? Have your neighbors started to complain about now noisy your dog is? Maybe it’s time you looked into obedience schools in your area.

If you struggle with any of the issues mentioned above, obedience training could be a good option for you and your dog. Ultimately, an obedience school instructor will teach your dog to view you as the leader of the pack, which means that you’ll be able to call all the shots and spend more time enjoying the company of your furry friend.