Why You Should Buy A Dog Bed

A lot of dog owners decide early on that they don’t need an orthopedic dog bed, or any type of dog bed and many of them later regret it! Imagine you bring your cute, fun loving puppy home for the first time and of course you want your new puppy to sleep with you. He’s cuddly and loves you to bits!! But this may not be the best situation for either you or you dog.

All furry warm and snuggly of course you want to share your bed with your new puppy. But that is not the best thing to do for you or your dog. To establish good behavior from the outset; you need to get your dog a good dog bed. It may be great fun now having your puppy romp on the bed, but what happens when he becomes a full grown 180lb Afghan Hound?? Ah! Even if you adopted a fully grown dog, it’s still best to get him a dog bed.

If you get your dog used to sleeping in one spot it’s less likely to sleep on the floor or other hard surfaces which can cause arthritis and calluses in later years. The bed will give your pet somewhere to feel secure and safe. By observing your dog, you will have a better idea of what product to look for as his daily comfortable resting place.

Now that we have established that a dog bed is essential, what type do you get? Dog beds today come in all sizes, colors, shapes, materials and to suit any dog and any decor. If that’s not enough you can even have dog beds custom made.

Some Features Of Dog Beds

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Quality dog beds such as the Memory Foam Dog Bed or the Thera Orthopedic Dog Bed are designed to relieve sore joints, bones and other problems that may arise due to your pets age or weight. It is important for an older dog to have a comfortable rest area.

They come in all kinds of colors and materials, and many of them you can toss right in the washing machine (the beds, not the dogs!). Pipe Dreams Bed and Indoor/Outdoor waterproof dog beds are incredibly easy to clean; just wipe down with a wet cloth or hose down outside!

Most beds are reversible which provides your dog with an additional laying surface, while increasing the time between washing.

Most are stuffed with polyfill, often have cedar chips to repel odors and their covers are removable and machine washable. Fleas are a major consideration too and cedar shavings can help stop them becoming permanent residents.

Picking A Dog Bed

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, or even in kennels then a cot style bed may be the best. It can keep your pet off of the cold floor in winter and keep them cool in summer. A strenuous day can mean an evening of discomfort with a pulled muscle or painful joints.

If your dog is a sprawler, consider a large flat dog bed. Firm, orthopedic foam is egg-shell shaped to evenly distribute weight and provide extra comfort.

If you have a little dog a small round pillow-type dog bed may be the best. It will let your pet burrow and nest. There is also a wide variety of cute novelty beds available for the discerning canine. You can find leopard-spotted faux-fur pillows, glamorous slipper-shaped cushions aeven a “Furrari” for the sporty dog.

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Some Considerations Before Picking a Dog Bed

How to measure your dog for a bed: Different dogs sleep in different positions, as humans do so look at how your dog sleeps and determine the best size bed for your dog. Watch your dog sleep. Does he usually curl up or stretch out? If he’s stretched put to his maximum size, make sure the bed is big enough to support his entire body. Even if it’s a perfect fit for your house it’s really important that your dog can lay down in the bed in his extra large dog bed.

Think of the bed as an investment, many high quality dog beds will last the lifetime of your dog, and so will their benefits. With a little time and effort and both you and your dog will get a great nights sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the new day!