Some people especially those who have not experienced the way to take care of a dog will face a problem in case of dog potty training. You may image something difficult because going to toilet is not a dog nature. Well, that kind of thought is not absolutely true. When you have known the secret, it is easy to have your dog on toilet. These secret will give you fastest training too. Thus, it will not take long time just to train one thing to your dog. Check this out.

Dog has regular time to poop. You have to know it first. Try to see when your dog poop. It may need several days of observing. To help you in getting the exact time, here is a list of puppy time for a dog:

  1. Dog usually need a toilet after a nap.
  2. After sleeping, a dog usually poop.
  3. Eating including snack only can make your dog poop.
  4. After spending energy is another time.

You should pay attention on those four moments. You can observe first to ensure the right time. Then, you can start the training.

First of all, you have to get your dog outside after those four moments. You should keep it on leash and guide it to a place that you are going to make as toilet. After getting the place, let your dog to explore it. It will sniff and try to find best place. When it has been ready, it will poop or urinate. During the process of finding toilet, do not disturb your pet. After that, you need to appreciate what your dog has done. Give it a treat to show him that he does a right thing. Then, repeat the steps every day. Your dog will learn and used to go there when he wants to throw its poop.

You will also need to prepare another condition. Sometimes your dog needs a toilet not in those four time. That is why understanding the behaviors of a dog when its going to poop is significant. Here are four characters that you should keep on mind:

  1. Your dog will sniff and it will go around making a circle. He looks like a confused dog.
  2. Pooch will bark at you when it needs a toilet.
  3. Stretching is another sign that your dog need to release itself.
  4. A dog will back and forth between you and door several times.