Is your dog facing troubles in pooping? Are his stools small, dry, round and hard? Has he started taking more time to discharge his stools? Have you noticed him cry or strain during a bowel movement? Did the bowels of your pet did not move for two to three days? Well, if your answer is a “yes” to one or more to the above mentioned questions then the chances are that you have a constipated dog.

Though a constipated dog is not a sign of any serious problems but the problem should be addressed immediately as a measure to prevent other serious disorders from developing. Constipation is generally caused by lack of exercise, irregular diet, less bulk in the diet, etc.

Here is an extensive list of common symptoms of a constipated dog

Trouble with Bowel Movements

Most likely the first symptom of a constipated dog that shall indicate you that your pet is suffering from constipation is the difficulty he faces with his bowel movements. A constipated dog shall report troubles in his bowel movement. The dog may strain while he visits the toilet and may stay in the poop position (in which both of the back legs are bent and the front ones are close to the ground) for a significant amount of time.

The constipated dog may move around in circles, utter whine and repeatedly try to visit the bathroom. It will be easily evident that your pet is suffering from constipation.

The Condition of The Bowels

If the constipated dog is successful in making bowel symptoms then the bowels and the fecal passed shall be dry, hard, round and small and shall also include visible pieces of non digested food items.

A constipated dog may also pass watery substance. On the other hand, if you find the fecal matter marked with blood, possess a black color and is covered in mucous then it is a sign of a serious infection and should be dealt by paying a visit to the veterinarian and seeking proper treatment.

Refusal of Food

A constipated dog shall feel bloated and heavy and shall start refusing the food items served to him. If the constipation is mild then the constipated dog may eat sometimes, but he shall not consume the same quantity as he used to do in his regular schedule.

A constipated dog may also start feeling lethargic is there is a significant blockage in his intestines. He may not show interest in walking and playing around as he used to do earlier.

Difficulty in Walking

As a constipated has a large amount of waste fecal matters accumulated in his intestinal tract, he may face a lot of discomfort in his day to day activities.

A constipated dog shall exhibit less energy in exercise along with a reduced participation and excitement in activities that involves excessive movement. In addition, a constipated dog shall move with an arched back and minimal movement in his back legs. These all are the signs that your dog may be suffering from constipation and the problem should be addressed without any sort of delay.

Maltese Dogs

Maltese Dogs

Excessive Whining

Excessive whining may and may not be a specific sign of the ailment constipation but it should not be ignored at any cost. As a dog is unable to speak, he may try to catch the attention of his master through various means and one of them might be whining.

Most of the pet owners tend to assume that the dog may be whining due to temperament problem but the chances are that he might be doing it because of discomfort.