While it’s not common for Yorkies to be an aggressive breed by nature there is many factors that can cause Yorkshire terrier aggression. Dominance issues between your dog and either yourself or members of your family can happen if your Yorkie has not been socialized properly. Some triggers from early in an aggressive Yorkie puppy’s life can also cause an aggression, an attack from another dog or perhaps bad treatment from a previous owner. Whatever the cause, it is essential Yorkie aggression is dealt with quickly because it can get out of hand and become dangerous very quickly.

Stop Yorkshire Terrier Aggression Early

Yorkshire Terrier aggression can start to show even before 6 weeks old. Dog socialization is very important in shaping your Yorkies behavior patterns and can help stop much bad behavior such as:aggression,biting,chewing, and barking. From around 6 weeks to 14 weeks your Yorkie should be socialized with humans and other dogs, as well as other animals if possible.

When dealing with an aggressive Yorkie puppy it is important to never use harsh or violent discipline as this will only reinforce the puppy’s aggression.  Around the 8 – 10 week stage you should be treating your puppy very softly, by yelling, smacking or hitting them it will only help to breed an aggressive Yorkie.

Once your lovely Yorkie has reached the 14 week stage they should have been socialized properly. A happy puppy with experience alongside many other humans and animals will have a much reduced chance of being aggressive in later life.

Training Yorkshire Terriers Made Easy

Training Yorkshire Terriers Made Easy

The breed and genetics of a dog are a very important factor to your dog’s behaviour, lucky for us Yorkie fans they are a generally relaxed breed. However being such small dogs can mean they get intimidated by larger dogs or humans, as I spoke about before socialization is essential to prevent an aggressive Yorkie in these situations. Many people do not agree with neutering or spaying a dog however it can reduce aggressive behavior, especially in males.

The most important factor to avoid having an aggressive Yorkie is to give it a loving, safe environment to live in. These issues often grow more obvious as a dog get older, you may not have an aggressive Yorkie puppy but poor treatment will always make it more likely to behave badly as it ages.

It can take months or years to properly establish a pecking order in the household so it is important that you and your family members keep the dominance throughout puppyhood and onwards. Letting your Yorkie take liberties at a later stage can undo all the good work you did while it was a puppy!

Correcting Aggressive Behaviour in Yorkies

You may notice that your Yorkshire Terrier gets more aggressive as it gets older. After 14 months your puppy will start to reach maturity which can cause changes in behavior, as with all teenagers! If you see this aggressive behavior developing then it critical that you start to correct the problems quickly.

The first stage is to make sure you are the dominant figure in the household, your Yorkie should always think of you as the pack leader. This means you need to take control. Reinforce any training that you might have done with your puppy, work on basic sit/walk/stay commands as well as schedule set feeding and walking times to help create a positive routine.

Being such small dogs Yorkshire terrier aggression is commonly defensive-aggressive, they can bite or attack people and other animals out of fear. Being brought up in a good social atmosphere can deal with this problem but if your Yorkie is aggressive towards others then make sure to keep them away from small children who can act unpredictably and frighten them. I’d always recommend visiting a good dog behavior specialist to help deal with this problem. They can help socialize and overcome the problem without any risk to yourself or other people.

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

It’s the duty of any responsible dog owner to ensure their pet can interact with other people and animals without any major problems. An aggressive Yorkie does not have to be a problem if you follow the hints in my article, but if you do think your Yorkshire terrier is becoming violent then seek out a specialist as soon as possible.